Constitutional Opinions

Constitutional Opinions

Just Say ‘No’ to Government

By 10.23.13

In an exclusive excerpt from his new book, the man who argued for the plaintiffs in the battle over handguns in the District of Columbia explains what's wrong with our nation's courts.

Constitutional Opinions

Fed Up Yet?

By From the September 2013 issue

There are more important things than whether the next Federal Reserve chairman will be a man or a woman.

Constitutional Opinions

Pillar to Post

By From the July-August 2013 issue

Do the Obama scandals require a special prosecutor?

Constitutional Opinions

Happy Fourth

By From the June 2013 issue

Reflections on the Fourth Amendment in the age of the drones.

Constitutional Opinions

The Politics of Paternalism

By 6.26.13

Monday's Supreme Court opinion on affirmative action will be remembered only for Justice Thomas’ sharp concurrence.

Constitutional Opinions

Peace in Our Times

By From the May 2013 issue

Peace may be harder to declare than war.

Constitutional Opinions

Will Congress’ Sloppy Work Survive Supreme Court Scrutiny?

By 5.3.13

What's at issue in the Voting Rights Act case, Shelby County v. Holder.

Constitutional Opinions

The Grave Robber

By From the April 2013 issue

The left attempts to dig up the moldering remains of John C. Calhoun and plant them on the Republicans. 

Constitutional Opinions

Maryland v. King

By 4.8.13

Can states take DNA swabs from felony arrestees?

Constitutional Opinions

Null and Void?

By From the March 2013 issue

The question of nullification, though, is going to be difficult to avoid in the months ahead. Talking Points Memo puts at 20 the number of states mulling legislation to resist federal gun controls.