In the Colosseum

In the Colosseum


By From the July-August 2013 issue

Sen. Jeff Sessions: “I’m a conservative, and a conservative has to ask, ‘Is this prudent?’”

In the Colosseum

Back in the Fray

By From the June 2013 issue

Paul Ryan on the looming debt crisis, why we need immigration reform, and the strength of the American Idea.

In the Colosseum

The Next Showdown

By From the March 2013 issue

Conservatives must win concessions for a debt ceiling hike.

In the Colosseum

On Second Chances

By From the April 2013 issue

The former South Carolina governor on why he is running.

In the Colosseum

Lessons From North Dakota’s Oilfields

By From the February 2013 issue

Building the right climate for energy development can produce remarkable results.

In the Colosseum

Lessons Learned

By From the December 2012 - January 2013 issue

About to leave the Senate after three distinguished terms, Arizona's Jon Kyl offers some parting thoughts.

In the Colosseum

Moving On From Benghazi

By From the November 2012 issue

There’s one other emotion we feel in addition to the anger, frustration, and sense of loss: defiant resolve.

In the Colosseum

Who Built America?

By From the October 2012 issue

The rebuilding begins this November.

In the Colosseum

More Medicaid? No Thanks.

By From the September 2012 issue

Florida can’t afford Obamacare’s expansion.

In the Colosseum

Tea Party Is the New Reality

By From the July - Aug 2012 issue

Politicians who fail to recognize it are certain to become relics of the past.