Car Guy

Car Guy

Government Could Save Detroit

By 9.3.09

It's just a matter of lifting a lot of regulatory deadweight.

Car Guy

GM’s $4,000 Car We Won’t Get

By 8.20.09

But we'll pay to help it capture the foreign market.

Car Guy

Volt Sticker Shock

By 8.17.09

Maybe GM should call its new Wunderwagen the Jolt.

Car Guy

The Clunker Con

By 8.10.09

Uncle Obama's shell game is mainly for losers.

Car Guy

Clunker Program Throws a Rod

By 8.3.09

Don't worry -- after a quick fix it'll throw two rods at once.

Car Guy

Talk and Drive

By 7.23.09

But learn to drive first!

Car Guy

Food Stamps for Chrysler

By 7.13.09

Continuing to build cars nobody will buy.

Car Guy

Magical Thinking in California

By 7.2.09

Zero to 40 in under 7 years -- that's miles per gallon, with no exceptions.

Car Guy

Don’t Know Much About Car Story

By 6.17.09

GM's new honchos pride themselves on being clueless about their own products.

Car Guy

Killing Off Performance Cars

By 5.29.09

By next week, we'll learn more about GM's hideous bankruptcy "restructuring" plan.