Car Guy

Car Guy

MADD Gets Madder

By 5.12.10

They're enough to drive you to drink.

Car Guy

Leaf Blowers

By 4.29.10

Get ready for another clunker bill to subsidize buyers of the shockingly pricey and suspect electric Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.

Car Guy

The Big Tease

By 4.21.10

Why own a $57,000 Infiniti M56 if it can't be driven at half the speed it was designed to reach?

Car Guy

Post-Toyota Technology Transfer

By 4.7.10

Opting for more excessive, expensive technology to fix problems with the last batch.

Car Guy

Who Throttled Toyota?

By 3.17.10

Drive-by-wire will drive you crazy -- if you own a Prius.

Car Guy

Thinking Outside the Helmet

By 3.3.10

Helmet laws are an insult, particularly to the helmet-wearer.

Car Guy

How Smart Is Today’s Toyota Driver?

By 2.10.10

Perhaps Driver's Ed should be teaching its charges what to do if the accelerator gets stuck.

Car Guy

The Taser’s Edge

By 1.8.10

It's all part of a growing tendency to treat ordinary citizens more harshly than actual bad guys.

Car Guy

New Year New Car Resolutions

By 12.30.09

Are there any the flabby, saggy auto industry can stick with?

Car Guy

Worst of the Beetles

By 12.10.09

The New Beetle goes the way of the Old -- but for different reasons.