Car Guy

Car Guy

A Two-Wheeled Hedge Against Inflation

By 12.13.10

Your Christmas present from Ben Bernanke -- $3 per gallon gas -- is coming a few weeks early. But there's something you can do.

Car Guy

Cars That Drive Themselves?

By 10.28.10

It's an idea that'll make any self-respecting driver's flesh crawl.

Car Guy

Embarrassing Volt Charges

By 10.14.10

It's an electric car that's reliant on a gasoline engine.

Car Guy

Eyeball to License Plate

By 9.17.10

Should police be scanning five thousand license plates an hour?

Car Guy

Alcohol and Classic Cars Don’t Mix

By 9.9.10

More on the engine killing capacities of EPA-approved ethanol.

Car Guy

Electric Sticker Shock

By 8.5.10

Obama Motors' $41,000 fiasco.

Car Guy

How the New Beetle Got Old

By 7.29.10

So long to the New Beetle and its miserable 12-year run.

Car Guy

Cars That Died

By 6.30.10

They had it coming.

Car Guy

Billy Mays Here…On Your License Plate

By 6.23.10

Only in California could someone come up with this version of digital divide.

Car Guy

70 Is All You Get to Go

By 6.2.10

The unofficial Motorists Tax will see to that.