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Car Guy

Bigger Is Still Safer

By 6.16.11

So what else is new? About that IIHS SUV safety report…

Car Guy

The Electric Albatross

By 6.6.11

Electric cars make sense at amusement parks and golf courses.

Car Guy

Hidden in Plain Sight… With Low, Low Monthly Payments

By 5.13.11

Ever wonder how the escalating costs of goverment mandates get absorbed without the new car buyer knowing about it?

Car Guy

The One ‘Big’ You Can’t Escape

By 5.2.11

Big Banks or Big Oil you can ignore. Not so Big G.

Car Guy

Why I Didn’t Renew My Sirius-XM

By 3.22.11

Here's one you can't blame on General Motors.

Car Guy

E-Z Money

By 3.1.11

Your cash is no good -- on the roads, that is.

Car Guy

Diesel Delivers

By 2.7.11

So why can't government stand real fuel efficiency?

Car Guy

Not Really About Driving

By 1.11.11

What's the point of driver's license?

Car Guy

A Bad Moon on the Rise

By 1.4.11

It's rising in the form of upward creeping gas prices.

Car Guy

A Two-Wheeled Hedge Against Inflation

By 12.13.10

Your Christmas present from Ben Bernanke -- $3 per gallon gas -- is coming a few weeks early. But there's something you can do.