Car Guy

Car Guy

Fiat’s Got Troubles

By 1.3.12

But this time they can't be blamed on the car.

Car Guy

The Last Run

By 12.23.11

Here comes Santa Claus right down Nanny State Lane.

Car Guy

CAFE Spells RIP for Trucks

By 12.13.11

Ford's compact Ranger is the first casualty.

Car Guy

Avoiding the Corn Con

By 11.16.11

It is once again legal to purchase real gasoline! But is it cost-effective?

Car Guy

Why The King Died

By 11.9.11

If not for government, you'd still be riding the ever so fast two-stroke Kawasaki.

Car Guy

Left to Pass — Please!

By 10.19.11

Left lanes are the high speed lanes -- why is that so difficult to remember?

Car Guy

Why the Majors Love Mandates

By 9.20.11

Once you're "too big to fail," you're on Easy Street.

Car Guy

An Ode to the American Driver

By 9.2.11

American drivers are on Quaaludes. Every last one of them.

Car Guy

Bald Tires and Worn Out Brakes

By 8.18.11

The safety inspection racket at an Officially Authorized service station near you.

Car Guy

The Obama Car

By 7.7.11

Obama's auto-industry regulations are taking us full-steam into the future -- to a world without affordable cars.