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Car Guy

‘Your’ Car Won’t Be After 2015

By 4.25.12

Mandatory "Event Data Recorders" will even know you're speeding in reverse.

Car Guy

Freedom Is a Smoky Burnout

By 4.10.12

How long before it becomes a crime to drive a pre-computer vehicle?

Car Guy

Obama Math

By 3.14.12

About as reliable as the Obama Folks Wagon.

Car Guy

Volt Sleeps With the Fishes

By 3.5.12

It might as well have been a Trabant.

Car Guy

The Ticking Time Bomb in Your Dashboard

By 2.27.12

The high cost of aging air bags.

Car Guy

Unsafe at Any Smoke

By 2.10.12

You didn't think they'd stop at just buckle up laws, right?

Car Guy

Honda Hounded

By 2.3.12

Heather Peters has won her small claims suit -- and now we all may lose.

Car Guy

Lincoln’s Future… If There’s a Future

By 2.1.12

Let's hope that this great Amercan make didn't peak with the Mark VII.

Car Guy

The Case Against Driver’s Licenses

By 1.17.12

Do they still have anything to do with actual driving?

Car Guy

A Honda Civic Lesson

By 1.6.12

All hybrid makers are now vulnerable to lawsuits for "false advertising."