Car Guy

Car Guy

You’re in the AutoZone

By 12.10.12

An effort is afoot to boycott the automotive parts giant for firing a heroic employee.

Car Guy

Sayonara, Suzuki

By 11.30.12

Cue "Taps," as another automobile brand bites the dust.

Car Guy

85 MPH: Almost a Speed Limit

By 11.16.12

A lonely exception on a lonely stretch of Texas highway.

Car Guy

Nano Seconds

By 10.24.12

We may soon have access to affordable new cars once more -- if Uncle will allow it.

Car Guy

Goodbye, V-8s, the Engines That Could

By 8.24.12

This time, probably for good. And now even V-6s are in trouble.

Car Guy

Clover Conditioning

By 7.17.12

A Saturday at the Court-Community Corrections Program Driver Improvement course.

Car Guy

The Aging Hot Rod Scene

By 6.28.12

Why are younger kids no longer interested vintage cars? Could it be because of government?

Car Guy

Speeding Praetorians

By 6.14.12

A blatant double-standard in speed enforcement.

Car Guy

The Problem With High-Mileage Cars

By 5.24.12

How will government replace all that lost revenue?

Car Guy

‘Your’ Car Won’t Be After 2015

By 4.25.12

Mandatory "Event Data Recorders" will even know you're speeding in reverse.