Car Guy

Car Guy

All Fired Up About Tesla

By 10.9.13

Tesla's battery fire was nothing to write home about.

Car Guy

Assault and GM’s $30,000 Battery

By 10.1.13

You might be allotted 200 miles between rechargings.

Car Guy

Unwanted Exotics

By 9.12.13

Government is now forcing automakers to build cars no one wants. How long before it forces car buyers to buy them?

Car Guy

Diesel Downers

By 7.10.13

What advantage diesel-powered cars like the new Chevy Cruze should offer is undercut by government-mandated features.

Car Guy

The One Good Thing About Tesla

By 6.7.13

What are the nation's car dealers afraid of?

Car Guy

The Golden Years

By 3.21.13

Missing the 1980s, big time.

Car Guy

Diesel Dilemmas

By 3.8.13

Government regs have driven costs up -- yet diesel power still may be the way to go.

Car Guy

Electric Lemon Aid

By 2.19.13

It's hard to squeeze juice out of, not to mention into, the taxpayer-endowed Tesla.

Car Guy

The New Dart, in Light of the Old

By 1.11.13

The new Dodge Dart is heavy, and it's a bother.

Car Guy

Speed Limiters, Too?

By 12.28.12

From gun control to car control and more.