Car Guy

Car Guy

Food Stamps for Chrysler

By 7.13.09

Continuing to build cars nobody will buy.

Car Guy

Magical Thinking in California

By 7.2.09

Zero to 40 in under 7 years -- that's miles per gallon, with no exceptions.

Car Guy

Don’t Know Much About Car Story

By 6.17.09

GM's new honchos pride themselves on being clueless about their own products.

Car Guy

Killing Off Performance Cars

By 5.29.09

By next week, we'll learn more about GM's hideous bankruptcy "restructuring" plan.

Car Guy

Obama Nails the Coffin Shut

By 5.20.09

From now on, driving will be more fun in go-carts -- or until they're also outlawed.

Car Guy

Outsourcing the Bailout

By 5.15.09

GM to "restructure" overseas -- using taxpayer dollars. 

Car Guy

Obama’s Man From MADD

By 5.1.09

Charles Hurley, the new National Highway Traffic Safety nominee, is eager to pull you over to check your breath.  

Car Guy

The Car Insurance Scam

By 4.17.09

There was once a time when drivers weren't required to be insured.

Car Guy

Wasting General Motors

By 3.31.09

What neither Wagoner nor Obama wants to talk about.

Car Guy

Safety Inefficiency

By 3.9.09

Before government developed its safety fetish, American economy cars were genuinely efficient -- and affordable.