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Capitol Ideas

A Nation Set Apart

By From the July/August 2011 issue

Hostility to Israel is widespread and rising.

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The Decline of Faith

By From the June 2011 issue

It is caused by something more pervasive than non-judgmental liberalism.

Capitol Ideas

Enchanted by Charter Schools

By From the May 2011 issue

A hope that probably won't fulfill its promise.

Capitol Ideas

The Multicultural Delusion

By From the April 2011 issue

The Arab revolt of 2011 suggests the whole subject of multiculturalism needs to be revisited.

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Afghanistan: The Futile Conflict

By From the March 2011 issue

Now in its 10th year, it could drag on a lot longer.

Capitol Ideas

Culture versus Economy

By From the February 2011 issue

Conservatives prevail when the economy is the issue -- but not when it comes to what used to be called "social issues."

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Abortion and Cigars

By 2.17.11

What kind of a country is it where abortion is subsidized and smoking is criminalized?

Capitol Ideas

Interregnum — and a Transition

By From the December 2010 - January 2011 issue

RIP, Joe Sobran, who died on September 30, age 64.

Capitol Ideas

The Decline of British Politics

By From the November 2010 issue

No Tea Party could ever get off the ground in Britain.

Capitol Ideas

What’s Up in San Francisco?

By From the October 2010 issue

Besides the World Series, in case you were wondering.