Campus Scenes

Campus Scenes

College Plan B

By 10.28.05

Emergency contraceptives available -- no tutoring required.

Campus Scenes

Current Affairs

By 10.18.05

Newsweek puts it out for college students -- as if they weren't bored enough.

Campus Scenes

Home Sweet Homeschool

By 9.15.05

A family odyssey now in its eleventh year.

Campus Scenes

The Three Year Plan

By 9.13.05

Students should spend less time in college and more time learning.

Campus Scenes

Commencement Gags

By 5.20.05

Speech! Speech!

Campus Scenes

The Limits of “Academic Freedom”

By 4.5.05

The good Professor Churchill is their leading exponent.

Campus Scenes

The Long Hot Summers

By 3.21.05

Harvard's president is paying for his war against hip-hop.

Campus Scenes

A Neo-Jesuit Education

By 2.24.05

A student is terminated for advocating discipline in the classroom.

Campus Scenes

Summers Is Over

By 2.22.05

Unlike their Salem predecessors, the witches of Cambridge are acting as both judge and jury.

Campus Scenes

Professors of Stupidity

By 2.11.05

Academia's last defense in the Ward Churchill affair is that students benefit from being taught by the mentally challenged.