Campus Scenes

Campus Scenes

Methodists for Jimmy Carter

By 4.3.07

They're the ones who would never host George W. Bush.

Campus Scenes

The Protocols of the Elder Carter

By 3.8.07

The former president talks to George Washington University students about his Jewish problem.

Campus Scenes

Screwing Up

By 9.11.06

Why Joe College can't read (or write).

Campus Scenes

Advice to the Proto-Freshman

By 9.7.06

How to win smart friends, locate the library, and work a 40-hour week.

Campus Scenes

Religious “Diversity” at Georgetown

By 8.31.06

Conservative evangelicals are singled out for exclusion.

Campus Scenes

Unions: For the Children?

By 6.29.06

A teachers' union affiliate deems donations to an anti-sex trafficking group "not acceptable."

Campus Scenes

A Yale Murder

By 6.19.06

The railroading of a "black sheep" professor.

Campus Scenes

What’s the Idea?

By 5.10.06

The University of Wisconsin has abandoned its great Progressive tradition.

Campus Scenes

Osama U.

By 4.25.06

Universities compete to replace former former terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.

Campus Scenes

Killa Satire

By 4.24.06

Veep Cheney is fair game. Crips gangsters are not.