Campus Scenes

Campus Scenes

Teacher’s Pets

By 8.22.08

Will lowering the drinking age improve student performance?

Campus Scenes

Wii’s Company

By 8.14.08

How your roommate's Xbox could ruin your perfect 4.0.

Campus Scenes

Bad Habitat

By 11.28.07

A self-regarding college affiliate diminishes Habitat for Humanity's noble calling.

Campus Scenes

Failing Grade

By 11.1.07

Don't know much about history? ISI's survey of American universities shows you're not alone.

Campus Scenes

The Old College Try

By 9.26.07

Are you getting your educational money's worth?

Campus Scenes

Yale, Columbia

By 9.24.07

In playing footsie with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Columbia is merely imitating a shameless Yale's admission of a Taliban official last year.

Campus Scenes

Christians and Capitalism

By 8.20.07

An evangelical college declines to renew the contract of a liberal professor, much to the dismay of left-wing evangelicals.

Campus Scenes

Antioch Agonistes

By 7.19.07

The death of an Ohio college with a lot of political correctness and not many students.

Campus Scenes

Bad Medicine

By 5.17.07

Do we need laws to end viewpoint discrimination in our colleges?

Campus Scenes

Student Deindoctrination

By 4.27.07

Indoctrinate U, Evan Coyne Maloney's new documentary, illuminates the mean and mindless squalor of today's colleges and universities, so-called.