Campus Scenes

Campus Scenes

How to Ace an Exam

By 12.14.04

It is that time of year when Tommy is taking exams in school.

Campus Scenes

Sunny Portraits

By 8.11.04

Academia's preference for moral preening on display in a photo gallery inside a warped campus building.

Campus Scenes

Baylor Epilogue

By 7.26.04

In a demonstration of real integrity, university regents prove there is such a thing as a happy ending.

Campus Scenes

Considering the Unthinkable

By 7.22.04

The idea that Robert Sloan could be dismissed for making Baylor University one of the most important stories in higher education seems absurd. But it could be about to happen.

Campus Scenes

The Young and the Right-Wing

By 7.20.04

Are too many campus conservatives standing athwart soapboxes, yelling stop?

Campus Scenes

God and Man at Baylor

By 6.1.04

Can there still be such a thing as a great Christian university?

Campus Scenes

The Heckler Heckled

By 5.26.04

Dr. Doctorow, heal thyself.

Campus Scenes

Cinema Topics

By 3.28.04

What student takes a movie class? Is he unjaded enough to like older flicks?

Campus Scenes

One More Academic Fraud

By 1.15.04

Like U.N. offshoots, university "centers" of this and "institutes" of that are a major racket controlled by untouchable statists and economic illiterates.

Campus Scenes

Ameliorative Action

By 12.22.03

Law school professors were very happy to use the military to defend affirmative action in admissions. Now they're suing the same military to keep it off campus.