The Campaign Spectator

The Campaign Spectator

Republicans on Uneasy Street

By From the July/August 2011 issue

With Obama vulnerable, we're now looking at an important, and unpredictable, Republican primary.

The Campaign Spectator

Beyond the Water’s Edge

By From the April 2011 issue

Will foreign policy play a role in 2012?

The Campaign Spectator

Sweet Victory and Bitter Irony

By From the December 2010 - January 2011 issue

Hundreds of happy Republicans packed themselves into the ballroom of the Marriott Hotel in Boca Raton for the Election Night party, where they planned to celebrate Allen West's anticipated victory in Florida's 22nd congressional district. Polling places had closed an hour earlier and many of the attendees still wore stickers on their shirts designating them as official poll watchers. Two giant television screens were showing Fox News election coverage and, shortly after 8 p.m., a cheer went up from the crowd when the TVs flashed the first returns from the 22nd district: West with 54 percent of the vote to 45 percent for the Democratic incumbent, Ron Klein.

The Campaign Spectator

Talk Is Cheap

By 6.16.10

In his campaign remarks last night, the President of inaction called for action.

The Campaign Spectator

Limousine Liberal

By From the May 2010 issue

Richard Blumenthal chases ambulances all the way to the Senate.

The Campaign Spectator

The Brad Ellsworth Test

By From the April 2010 issue

Can this Indiana Blue Dog still hunt?

The Campaign Spectator

Lou Dobbs’ America

By From the February 2010 issue

The hatching of a kinder, gentler immigration hawk.

The Campaign Spectator

Battle Cry in the North Country

By From the December 2009 - January 2010 issue

Doug Hoffman's campaign in upstate New York isn't necessarily over.

The Campaign Spectator

Tex Mess

By From the November 2009 issue

What is Kay Bailey Hutchison up to?

The Campaign Spectator

When Elections Aren’t a Perfect ‘10’

By From the November 2008 issue

Election Night 2000 in Austin