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The Campaign Spectator

Catching Up on Campaign Tech

By 11.21.13

In the weeks following the 2012 elections, the post-mortems revealed how tech-savvy Obama’s re-election operation had been. The campaign built a revolutionary data-sharing platform and had more than 300 technologists and analysts on staff. In October of 2012, polls were showing a very close race, and the president’s approval rating hovered near 50 percent. So on election night, when battleground states began falling like dominoes into Obama’s column, and when Romney came up 126 electoral votes short, many people right of center were stunned.

Virginia’s gubernatorial elections just weeks ago offered the first test of whether the GOP had learned its lessons from 2012—and an honest assessment shows more work to be done. Democrat Terry McAuliffe scaled down Obama’s model, contracting with BlueLabs, an analytics and data company started by some of Obama for America’s senior analytics staff, and fundraising and get-out-the-vote firm NGP VAN to model and target Virginians. McAuliffe ultimately won by less than 2.5 percent.

Republicans need to do better.

The Campaign Spectator

The Macker and the DMV

By 11.6.13

It took a while, but it was the result we expected. After a brutal election season that culminated in a football Sunday featuring more political attack ads than beer commercials, we Virginians finally have a new governor. Terry McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli last night by a slim margin. A look at the electoral map shows the state as a sea of red with scattered blue patches in the southeast and a cap of cerulean in the north.

Northern Virginia decided it was so turned off by Cuccinelli’s social policies that it elected a loudmouthed Clintonian bagman nicknamed “The Macker” who boosted his job-creator credentials by setting up a Potemkin Village hybrid car company and who abandoned his wife in the delivery room to attend a Washington Post soiree. McAuliffe was a candidate only a D.C. insider could love, and these days Virginia is bulging with D.C. insiders.

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Lonegan’s Opening

By 9.23.13

Cory Booker is weaker than advertised -- so will New Jersey elect a conservative instead?

The Campaign Spectator

Nice Losers

By 11.13.12

Someone once said that it is amazing how long the rotten can hold together, if you don't handle it roughly.

The Campaign Spectator

Nice Guise Finished at Last

By 11.9.12

No more tip-toeing around the obvious -- the Republican ticket, and Karl Rove especially, ran a woeful, passive campaign.

The Campaign Spectator

Pro-Choice? I Don’t Think So

By 11.6.12

Under Obama, Democrats have never been more rabidly pro-abortion.

The Campaign Spectator

Romney-Ryan Galluping to November

By 10.19.12

The void in the heart of the Obama campaign.

The Campaign Spectator

RINO Survival Guide

By From the June 2004 issue

On the trail with Arlen Specter.