Campaign Crawlers

Campaign Crawlers

People Like Waffles

By 5.28.04

How the Bush campaign wasted $70 million on the wrong John Kerry.

Campaign Crawlers

He’s Really Done It This Time

By 5.27.04

Until next time, that is, but what in the world made Kerry think he could evade nomination at his party�s convention?

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Shrill Pill

By 5.26.04

The Democrats should have picked Howard Dean, or at least John Edwards, if they wanted to beat President Bush.

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Janus-Faced Kerry Compass

By 5.20.04

When JFK II’s rhetoric points to the right, he’s really heading leftward.

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Kerry’s Aspirin Factory Moment

By 5.18.04

Exactly how inept is the Kerry campaign?

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The No Clue Election

By 5.13.04

Bush wins in a rout, as will Kerry, except it’s likely to be a dead heat.

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Kerry’s Vietnam Quagmire

By 5.5.04

He evidently has no other selling point.

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Six More Years

By 4.28.04

President Bush manages to win an election. Will Senator Specter remain grateful?

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Small Tent

By 4.27.04

Toomey’s populist campaign is in disarray but he may still win, no thanks to the paid staff.

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Wooing the Goldwater Vote

By 4.26.04

Desperate to hold on, Arlen Specter turns into Attila. Live from the battlefield.