Campaign Crawlers

Campaign Crawlers

The Ronald Reagan of Virginia

By 5.29.13

Ken Cuccinelli is this year's dream candidate.

Campaign Crawlers

The Tragedy of Mark Sanford

By 4.30.13

He’s good. Very good. Oh, what might’ve been.

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Massachusetts GOP Primary Coming to a Close

By 4.29.13

Three self-avowed fiscal conservatives and Democratic donors vie for John Kerry's old seat.

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Sanford Resurrected in Carolina

By 4.3.13

What does the scandal-tainted ex-governor's comeback mean for Republicans?

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Bostic and Sanford Battle in Charleston

By 3.29.13

A high-stakes debate highlights the choice facing South Carolina Republicans.

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South Carolina Showdown

By 3.26.13

Fear and loathing as Mark Sanford faces Curtis Bostic in next week’s GOP runoff.

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A True Conservative in Virginia

By 2.22.13

AmSpec sits down with Ken Cuccinelli.

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Inside the Israeli Elections

By 1.25.13

Netanyahu remains on top, and well positioned to form a coalition to his liking.

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Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption

By 11.7.12

Dark thoughts on the meaning of a catastrophic election.

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Mitt’s Margin of Victory

By 11.6.12

The Romney campaign has a real chance to win the White House tonight.