Campaign Crawlers

Campaign Crawlers

Three Big Cheers for Mitt

By 7.20.12

 Finally, he's socking it to Obama.

Campaign Crawlers

Battleground Virginia

By 7.16.12

Is Obama fighting for or against middle-class voters in the Old Dominion?

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PACs Pound Nelson

By 7.13.12

What's behind the Republican surge against vulnerable Democrat Bill Nelson in Florida Senate race.

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Heavenly Hillsborough

By 7.11.12

From the center of the political universe.

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Having a Cow for Freedom

By 7.9.12

A political rally where at least one speaker's sermonizing proved counterproductive.

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It’s Still Romney’s to Lose

By 6.22.12

 But he really needs to work on his delivery.

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Mitt’s Simon Cowell Moment

By 6.21.12

Stumble over Rubio vetting highlights opportunity in VP selection process.

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What’s Civility Got To Do With It?

By 6.12.12

In today's election to replace Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, civility will reign only if the Democrat wins -- according to the usual suspects.

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Mack Declares Himself the Winner

By 6.11.12

Unimpressive Senate candidate claims victory by TKO two months before Florida's GOP primary.

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Romney’s Education Choice

By 6.6.12

The Romney revolution could end up as big as the Reagan revolution.