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To the Shores of Tripoli

By 2.9.06

The biography of an unlikely hero during America's first foreign war.

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Dialysis Analysis

By 2.8.06

Exposing the myths that undermine the War on Terror.

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Rebel With a Cause

By 2.7.06

Fred Barnes has written a consequential book about the consequential president who thumbs his nose at Washington.

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Phonies & Freeloaders

By 2.5.06

The American Empire will end with a whine, not with a bang.

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Giving Povich a Pass

By 2.2.06

Shirley Povich was the class act his son Maury never learned.

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Patriots for Themselves

By 1.5.06

The Belgianization of Europe in a delightful new history.

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When War Comes Calling

By 1.4.06

A veteran journalist's memoir describes how World War II didn't change Europe.

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Willing Executioners

By 1.3.06

A history of Hitler's police battalion enforcers of racial war.

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Feminism Stripped Bare

By 1.2.06

Harlotry is the new feminist chic.

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A Six-Course Feast

By 12.20.05

Winston Churchill, fighting -- and writing -- the Second World War.