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Tinker, Tailer, Reporter, Spy

By 6.16.06

A novel recalls a time when reporters fought the good fight.

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A Liberal Throws in the Towel on Reagan

By 6.13.06

Richard Reeves is indeed a good sport.

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The Weatherman Aboveground

By 6.12.06

David Horowitz's indictment of today's tenured radicals.

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A Half-American Original

By 5.31.06

Sir Martin Gilbert on Winston Churchill's special relationship with the United States.

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All Roads Lead to …

By 5.15.06

An astute culture watcher reports on the flight of true believers from ultra-liberal Christianity.

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It Could Have Been Hotter

By 5.5.06

A restrained new history of the Cold War.

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Straight Talk Expression

By 5.3.06

There's still a chance for honest discourse about abortion and Roe.

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The Founding Believer

By 5.2.06

How is it that we've drifted from regarding George Washington as a devout Christian?

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The Vain Assassin

By 4.24.06

John Wilkes Booth had 12 days to live.

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Our Friend, Bobby Jones

By 4.14.06

He wrote the way he golfed -- perfectly.