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Hitler’s Pope?

By 8.18.06

Did Pope Pius XII and the Vatican really do nothing during the Holocaust to help Jews?

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Were the Dark Ages All That Dark?

By 8.17.06

PC historians would have you think no, they were not. But that is to ignore what was lost when Rome fell.

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Mossad Man

By 8.15.06

A memoir filled with sharply drawn portraits of Arab and Israeli leaders, and absorbing accounts of hitherto undisclosed diplomatic missions.

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Sing-Song Conservatism

By 8.8.06

The laughably earnest confusion of a so-called countercultural conservative.

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The Flying Inn Reconsidered

By 8.3.06

G.K. Chesterton's prophetic and forgotten look at a British establishment enthralled by Islamicism.

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Love Thy Hypocrite?

By 7.18.06

A conversation with Jeremy Lott, author of In Defense of Hypocrisy.

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What’s in a Word?

By 7.14.06

The definition of sheer joy is the reaction of a conservative on learning that a book entitled Manliness has just been published.

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Engineering Communism: American Style

By 7.11.06

The deflating story of two Americans who spied and labored for the workers' paradise.

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Brain Food

By 6.30.06

The most amazing thing about Godless is the amount of intellectual meat Ann Coulter has packed into its pages.

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The Prototypical Unelectable Liberal

By 6.19.06

William Jennings Bryan was perhaps the most prodigious failure in American political history.