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Reluctant Warriors

By 2.14.07

America is a great, successful military power that nonetheless dislikes war.

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Live and In Control

By 2.13.07

Neal Gabler's new biography of Walt Disney is too good to miss.

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A Tory Transition

By 2.12.07

Robert Southey turned away from radicalism to become a great conservative.

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Under Amis’s Western Eyes

By 2.4.07

The death of Russia receives new confirmation.

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Rallying ‘Round Rumpole

By 1.31.07

John Mortimer's priceless creation now confronts the War on Terror.

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Breaking With Left Fascism

By 1.29.07

The deadly appeal of regimes the U.S. opposes.

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Good Grief

By 1.24.07

What might the saving graces of Elizabeth Edwards be?

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Realpolitik: An Interview with John O’Sullivan.

By 1.8.07

The author of The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister discusses his new blockbuster -- as well as Marianne Faithful, O'Sullivan's Law, and Iraq.

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Feminine Singular

By 1.3.07

The thrill of keeping your clothes on.

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That Was War

By 12.20.06

In The Somme, Sir Martin Gilbert chronicles the heroism and horror of one of the bloodiest battles in history.