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History’s Greatest Liar

By 6.13.07

Pope Benedict XVI explores the identity of Jesus Christ.

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Abused and Depressed

By 6.5.07

Amity Shlaes's book is a breath of fresh air in its unique, individual-level view of the battles that took place during the Great Depression.

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Things Go Better With Koch

By 5.29.07

Thanks to its stellar commitment to free enterprise and democratic capitalism, Koch Industries doesn't have to toot its own horn.

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Health Care’s Godmother

By 5.22.07

Harvard professor Regina Herzlinger's diagnosis is second to none.

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Caricature of America

By 5.21.07

Robert Kagan joins the ranks of revisionist historians.

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Environmentally Sound

By 5.14.07

How did a man as excruciatingly honest as James Buckley ever get elected to the United States Senate?

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Hewitt’s Mitt

By 5.11.07

An admirable defense of a Mormon candidacy.

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Payback From the Right

By 5.9.07

How Nixon went to China and changed modern geopolitics.

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Family Resemblances

By 5.7.07

The plot to steal Lincoln's body -- foiled by a man from Dublin named Tyrrell.

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Chapter and Verve

By 5.3.07

Bill O'Reilly's many mouths, past, present, and yet to come.