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Hewitt’s Mitt

By 5.11.07

An admirable defense of a Mormon candidacy.

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Payback From the Right

By 5.9.07

How Nixon went to China and changed modern geopolitics.

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Family Resemblances

By 5.7.07

The plot to steal Lincoln's body -- foiled by a man from Dublin named Tyrrell.

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Chapter and Verve

By 5.3.07

Bill O'Reilly's many mouths, past, present, and yet to come.

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Newt’s Unusual Walking Tour

By 5.2.07

A brief but persuasive rebuttal to those who would erase all mention of God and religion from public life in the United States.

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Everything Bold Is New Again: An Interview with Jackie Mason

By 4.18.07

America's greatest living comedian refuses to predict the future -- predicting the present is risky enough.

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Suffering Situations

By 4.16.07

The hot new bible of the universal health care contingent is wonderfully written -- though you'll never learn from it how government just might be responsible for some of the huge problems its author wants to eradicate.

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In Sickness and In Health

By 4.12.07

A bouquet for Gore Vidal, the snidest of the snide.

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The Latest Literary Splash

By 4.11.07

A year after Sen. Ted Kennedy's collaboration with his Chappaquiddickly named dog, a number of similar best-sellers are in the works.

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Three Who Made a Revolution

By 4.9.07

Reagan, John Paul II, and Mrs. Thatcher, as only John O'Sullivan could capture them.