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The Cross Still Stands

By 7.30.07

Michael Burleigh's magisterial study of the clash of religion and politics over the last century.

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The American Way of Decca

By 7.20.07

Jessica Mitford was a most delightful observer of the American way of life and death.

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Russell Kirk, Postmodern Conservative?

By 7.17.07

An interview with Gerald Russello, author and editor of the Kirkean University Bookman.

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Unbelievable Hitchens

By 7.10.07

His new book opposing theism stacks the deck against the faithful.

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The Portrait of Andrew Mellon

By 7.6.07

Misunderstood and belittled, he was in fact a great, generous, and self-less American.

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Out of 9/11’s Shadow

By 7.3.07

Shortly after the Twin Towers fell, U.S. intelligence outed an insidious mole. Here's her story.

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Londonistan Is Back

By 7.2.07

After the events of last weekend, Melanie Phillips' seminal book again becomes required reading.

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Return to the Blackboard Jungle

By 6.26.07

School psychologist Bernard Chapin outlines the ills of progressive education in Escape From Gangsta Island.

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The Golfer’s Big Test

By 6.22.07

John Feinstein is the sporting world's Paul Johnson.

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Adam Smith for Dummies

By 6.14.07

P.J. O'Rourke plunders The Wealth of Nations, meaning readers end up in a higher tax bracket.