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Indispensable Encounters

By 8.27.07

A tribute to the catholicity of the New Criterion's Hilton Kramer and Roger Kimball.

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Present at the Destruction

By 8.24.07

An Iraqi view of how the U.S. won the war -- and lost the peace.

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More Freedom, Less Freakonomics

By 8.10.07

John Lott rebuts a lot of half-baked theories.

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Orwell’s Bad Republicans

By 8.7.07

They terrorized Spain, to an extent still not fully understood or faced.

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Better Off Dead

By 8.1.07

Would the world be a better place without us?

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The Cross Still Stands

By 7.30.07

Michael Burleigh's magisterial study of the clash of religion and politics over the last century.

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The American Way of Decca

By 7.20.07

Jessica Mitford was a most delightful observer of the American way of life and death.

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Russell Kirk, Postmodern Conservative?

By 7.17.07

An interview with Gerald Russello, author and editor of the Kirkean University Bookman.

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Unbelievable Hitchens

By 7.10.07

His new book opposing theism stacks the deck against the faithful.

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The Portrait of Andrew Mellon

By 7.6.07

Misunderstood and belittled, he was in fact a great, generous, and self-less American.