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Nose-to-Nose With Bill Richardson

By 12.30.07

The close-talking candidate is auditioning for the part of the next Al Gore.

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Evangelist and Enabler

By 12.26.07

During his long career, Billy Graham was a great preacher but a less great spiritual adviser to the presidents.

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Life Was Blue

By 12.19.07

The Democratic Party was once the home of social conservatives. Can they go home again?

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Bad Girls

By 12.6.07

Carol Platt Liebau assesses the damage a sexualized culture does to young women.

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His Way

By 11.5.07

John Bolton's long-awaited memoir is finally out -- and it doesn't disappoint one bit.

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Washington’s Prince

By 10.29.07

Robert Novak has penned an American classic for all political seasons.

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Forever Young

By 10.26.07

Don't trust anyone over, say, 65 (though you can trust Diana West).

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Cesspool in the City

By 10.18.07

There was a time when the only escape from urban filth, noise, and stench was a pigsty.

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Strong People Afraid to Act

By 10.16.07

With Triumph Forsaken Mark Moyar has emerged as a leading revisionist historian of the Vietnam War -- and David Halberstam's New York Times hasn't reviewed his book.

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A Legacy of Horror and Honor

By 10.10.07

A poignant and inspiring portrait of Air Force Colonel Bud Day -- the most decorated American fighting man alive.