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Foolish Thoughts

By 4.1.11

Who is President Barack H. Obama trying to kid with his Middle East policy?

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We Have an Illegal War

By 3.23.11

What will tomorrow bring from this third-rate crowd?

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NPR’s Weak Case for Federal Funding

By 3.17.11

Attention listeners! The House today is to debate a bill that would strip federal taxpayer funding for National Public Radio.

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Takes Two to Contango

By 3.9.11

As the man said: There is no shortage of oil.

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Support Your Local Police?

By 3.4.11

Ohio's fight over public-sector unions presents a conservative dilemma.

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Ferry Diplomacy

By 2.27.11

America's disgracefully inept response to the Libyan crisis.

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The War in Wisconsin

By 2.18.11

The Democratic assault on democracy.

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Abortion on Demand, Ranker Style

By 1.21.11

A trendy state senator moves to terminate crisis pregnancy centers.

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Jared Loughner’s Zeitgeist Obsession

By 1.17.11

Did a conspiracy cult film inspire the Tucson shooter?

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Federal Judge: Liberal Sheriff, Media Exploiting Attack

By 1.10.11

Leftist Arizona law officer, leftwing media accused of "downright evil."