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ACORN’s Stimulus

By 1.27.09

Is this an economic recovery package or a bailout for liberal groups?

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Health Care Reform May Have to Wait Until 2010

By 12.17.08

A key Democratic lawmaker says health-care reform will take time and that a new government-run plan will have to be a key feature of any proposal.

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Princeton Pays $100 Million to Settle Robertson Lawsuit

By 12.11.08

The largest "donor intent" award in history.

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The Tainting of the President-Elect

By 12.10.08

What did the Obama team know: the JFK and Biden precedents.

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Globetrotting for Dollars

By 11.18.08

Will bagman Bill's ethically dubious ways enhance Hillary's installation at Foggy Bottom?

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The Future of the Right

By 11.6.08

A report from Thursday's gathering of conservative leaders in the Virginia countryside on the future of the movement.

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ACORN’s Tangled Money Tree

By 10.31.08

Getting out the vote has never been such a racket.

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ACORN’s Food Stamp Mortgages

By 10.29.08

The activist boosters of the Community Reinvestment Act aren't wholly to blame for the meltdown on Wall Street, but they played a starring role.

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Lien on Me

By 10.28.08

ACORN's squirrelly liberals agitate for higher taxes but don't like paying them.

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Pennsylvania Elections Boss Is ACORN Ally

By 10.23.08

Rendell appointee: I "work very closely" with group accused of election fraud.