Ben Stein’s Diary

Ben Stein's Diary

Nixon and the Pharisees

By 6.11.12

Forty years after Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein issue new indictments against the Peacemaker.

Ben Stein's Diary


By From the May 2012 issue

Is Obama a commie or a socialist? This and other musings from an ocean locale.

Ben Stein's Diary

A Very Special Graduation

By 6.4.12

And a very special grandmother.

Ben Stein's Diary

Magic City Limits

By 5.31.12

When the STARZ don't come out in Malibu.  

Ben Stein's Diary

We Have To Do Something

By 5.24.12

Finding a way out of the economic doldrums.

Ben Stein's Diary

Jobs for Graduates

By 5.16.12

That's what San Diego's National University is providing.

Ben Stein's Diary

It Can Happen Here

By 5.14.12

Those scenes in Athens? They could be coming attractions for Atlanta or Akron.

Ben Stein's Diary

Bad Day in Rancho Mirage

By 5.2.12

An extremely bad day, and not just there.

Ben Stein's Diary

At War and at Peace

By From the April 2012 issue

Reeling from another viewing of The World at War.

Ben Stein's Diary

Dallas Week

By 4.23.12

It ended perfectly in Little Rock.