Another Perspective

Another Perspective

Snooping for Diversity

By 7.23.03

Snoop 'n Fetchit has a cause.

Another Perspective

Links That Blind

By 7.21.03

Add weather to the moon and you would have links golf à la England and Scotland.

Another Perspective

Supreme Infantilization

By 7.17.03

Once you commit to taking in under-prepared students, it becomes unethical to abandon them.

Another Perspective

Censorship International


Foreign laws regulating the written word have not been of great concern to American publishers -- until now.

Another Perspective

Lusser’s Law

By 7.14.03

He knew all along the odds of safe space travel were not on our side. Will the Columbia accident investigators acknowledge his insights?

Another Perspective

People for the Religious Way, ACLU Division

By 7.11.03

A liberal marriage of church and state made in tax heaven.

Another Perspective

Legal Training Not Required

By 7.8.03

Last month the black-robed members of the United States Supreme Court ended up looking more like priests than judges.

Another Perspective

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie …


Time to beat the news curve and be the first to become acquainted with America's newest rights-deprived minority: the polygamists.

Another Perspective

No to Gay Adoption

By 7.2.03

How much further shock should the American family be expected to absorb?

Another Perspective

Bud Guthrie

By 7.1.03

He lived ninety years and with a pitiless gaze saw the Last Best Place change for the worst, and then died a curmudgeon.