Another Perspective

Another Perspective

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie …


Time to beat the news curve and be the first to become acquainted with America's newest rights-deprived minority: the polygamists.

Another Perspective

No to Gay Adoption

By 7.2.03

How much further shock should the American family be expected to absorb?

Another Perspective

Bud Guthrie

By 7.1.03

He lived ninety years and with a pitiless gaze saw the Last Best Place change for the worst, and then died a curmudgeon.

Another Perspective

My Sunday Date

By 6.30.03

America's game, from tee to shining tee.

Another Perspective

Sodomy in the Age of Oprah

By 6.27.03

The Supreme Court says anti-sodomy laws ''demean'' people. The framers thought those laws would discourage people from demeaning each other.

Another Perspective

O’Connor’s Great Con

By 6.25.03

What passes for thinking on America's highest court is pretty frightening.

Another Perspective

News From the Front


A journalistic fantasy.

Another Perspective

An Affirmative Action Memoir


Of two equal candidates, university officials preferred the Mexican American to the Filipino American.

Another Perspective

I’m Sorry, So Shut Up


No need to apologize, unless doing so will put the injured party in its place.

Another Perspective

The Story of Cornelius the Centurion

By 6.16.03

Two millennia ago, God himself gave us our reason and our command for racial amity.