Another Perspective

Another Perspective

Diabolizing the Pontiff

By 5.23.03

Will the international community one day imprison popes for ''hate crimes''?

Another Perspective

Selling Conservatives


Are Dittoheads forever doomed to be on the short end of the advertising stick?

Another Perspective

A Bridge Too Far

By 5.21.03

An estimated 100,000 women in the U.S. military are parents. How many have husbands is not known. Who will care for the children if they die in combat?

Another Perspective

Bring Back Word Power

By 5.19.03

Numbers are easier to master if words are attached to them.

Another Perspective

A Big and Tall Tale

By 5.16.03

Look like Alfred Hitchcock, think like Cary Grant.

Another Perspective

The Book of Blair

By 5.15.03

Helping yourself to helping others is its theme.

Another Perspective

The Big Secret

By 5.14.03

The art of not writing fiction -- the perfect subject of a real short story.

Another Perspective

We’ve Got a Problem Here

By 5.12.03

Too many enforcers in our midst -- on both left and right.

Another Perspective

My ”Friend” Bill Clinton


Says a former admirer and later Paula Jones defender: If he followed Jimmy Carter's example, his legacy would become less questionable.

Another Perspective

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Quip


As a stand-up comedian Sen. John Kerry stands alone.