Another Perspective

Another Perspective

I’m Sorry, So Shut Up


No need to apologize, unless doing so will put the injured party in its place.

Another Perspective

The Story of Cornelius the Centurion

By 6.16.03

Two millennia ago, God himself gave us our reason and our command for racial amity.

Another Perspective

Pryor Convictions

By 6.13.03

They've thrown the Democrats' Grand Inquisitors for a loop.

Another Perspective

The Grass Is Greener


The latest science fiction on Global Warming.

Another Perspective

My Gal Sal

By 6.9.03

Laugh is all you need.

Another Perspective

Martha, Martha

By 6.5.03

There's a way to beat the lynch mob.

Another Perspective

What Would Goldwater Do?


His view of states' rights would cast the University of Michigan debate in an entirely new light.

Another Perspective

The Missing ”G” Word at Graduation


Commencement ceremonies have become studies in how to censor the speeches of bright young minds.

Another Perspective

Tomorrow’s Volkswagen

By 6.2.03

Internet advertising is the overlooked new big thing.

Another Perspective

Picasso-Matisse vs. Manet-Velasquez


Two hot exhibitions, but only one of them lifts the soul.