Another Perspective

Another Perspective

Stooping to Stupidity

By 10.13.03

In tailoring our national discourse to the capacities of the stupidest among us, we don't really know where it will end.

Another Perspective

Changing Her Religion

By 10.9.03

A Muslim's muezzin call for an Islamic reformation remains fatwa-free, so far.

Another Perspective

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

By 10.8.03

Awful as it seems, there is a certain redemptive aspect to what happened to Roy Horn of the Las Vegas act, ''Siegfried and Roy.''

Another Perspective

Kids These Days

By 10.7.03

What has the world come to when teenagers clamor to get back into school?

Another Perspective

Race, Guns … And Hollow Gestures

By 10.6.03

Predictably, the murder of a New York City councilman last July has resulted in a spate of new gun control bills. It's a pointless exercise.

Another Perspective


By 10.3.03

Rush Limbaugh's remarks were controversial not because they were wrong, but because they likely exposed a double standard in the sports media.

Another Perspective

The Guys in White

By 10.2.03

Do tort reformers ever stop to think lawyers might be getting a bum rap?

Another Perspective

Old West and New in Livingston, Montana

By 9.30.03

The undammed Yellowstone River flows through it, attracting many a famous writer.

Another Perspective

The Do Jang of Love

By 9.29.03

Athleticism gets displayed at an astonishingly high level at Y.K. Kim's Taekwondo Institute.

Another Perspective

Holy Places


The European Parliament sets its sights on the monks of Mt. Athos.