Obama “Dresses Down” Republicans as Turkey Arrests Terrorists Posing as Refugees

By on 11.18.15 | 12:09PM

Last night, President Obama could have taken his second press conference opportunity to reassure Americans that the Syrian refugees he'd like to see resettled within our borders would be fully vetted and screened in a complex process designed to maintain the government's commitment to preserving our national security, after all, that's mainly what Americans are concerned about.

Instead, as he has for three days straight now, Obama took the opportunity to have a foot-stomping hissy fit over Republican objections to his foolproof plan, accusing detractors, including a number of Democrats (Chuck Schumer!) of being terrified of a bunch of children and old women


President Obama is lashing out at Republican politicians who oppose allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S., accusing them of being “scared of widows and orphans.”

Big Time Dem Donors Will Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

By on 11.17.15 | 3:56PM

The Obama Administration only has a few more years in which to reward its mega-donors or watch the Barack Obama Presidential library go unfunded. Since they've already bestowed all of their Ambassadorships on mega-bundlers and would have a difficult time explaining why Hollywood stars were serving in Cabinet-level positions, it seems that the Administration has taken to simply rewarding their biggest showbiz supporters with major American honors, typically reserved for those whose contributions to society aren't monetary.

Is the Syrian Refugee Process Stacked Against Christian Migrants?

By on 11.17.15 | 11:36AM

As the nation argues about whether or not to accept Syrian refugees - especially now that it appears at least two of the Paris attackers used forged passports to re-enter Europe, using the migrant crisis as a Trojan Horse - some details about who we've already accepted seem to show a "refugee system" that's hopelessly stacked against those who need refuge the most: Arab Christians.

According to a recent count, the US has accepted around two thousand Muslim refugees from Syria but only 53 Syrian Christians, even though Christians seem to be faring the worst against ISIS across the Arab penninsula. The bias seems to be a product of the process itself, being handled by the United Nations, who haven't taken the continued safety of Arab Christians into account as they amass Syrian refugees in processing camps. 

Trump Will “Go To War” With Cruz If He Challenges

By on 11.17.15 | 11:02AM

Is the Donald preparing to go to war with his closest ally in the Presidential nomination process? 

For months, it's seemed like Ted Cruz is just waiting for Donald Trump to drop out of the race so that he can pick up whatever demographic segments Trump has inspired to join in the political process. It's a strategy that, for Cruz, at least, seemed almost immediately doomed to fail. First, there's no proof that the people Trump has "energized" are energized for anyone except Trump, a name they know and recognize in a field of people they've never heard of because they only watch reality television. And second, Donald Trump isn't exactly known for gracious exits. It's more likely that if Cruz challenges him out of the race, he'll burn that bridge and many more, as Trump himself noted in an interview yesterday.

Donald Trump said Monday he is capable of turning on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in their competition for the GOP’s 2016 presidential nomination.

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Trump’s ‘Trojan Horse’ Prediction Comes True

By 11.17.15

It wasn’t rocket science. Unless one is a liberal.

The question now is simple: Will new Speaker Paul Ryan defund the Obama obsession with flooding America with Syrian refugees — after ISIS fighters hiding in the midst of these refugees turned up in Paris to help lead the slaughter of innocents? As Donald Trump predicted a month ago?

Back there in the mists of October — last month — Donald Trump said this, as the New York Post headlined:

Trump says Syrian refugees could be a ‘Trojan horse’ for ISIS

Said Trump:

“I’ve been watching this migration. And I see the people. I mean, they’re men, they’re mostly men, and they’re strong men,” Trump said on “Face the Nation.” “What I won’t do is take in 200,000 Syrians who could be ISIS.”

He went on to say of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “What she’s done in Germany is insane. It’s insane.”

After Paris, Obama Will Not Change Tactics on ISIS

By on 11.16.15 | 1:20PM

Obviously, President Obama has had a tough weekend, what with a terrorist attack on a major ally and then a long flight to Turkey for the G20, so I suppose we can give him a pass on his foot-stomping tantrum this morning at the world summit in response to questions about how the US will respond to a freshly motivated Islamic State. 

But why would we do that?

Although the attacks in Paris came just hours after the President claimed ISIS was "decapitated" and "contained," and although even liberal allies in the New York Times and elsewhere are calling for a greater focus on defeating, not just controlling the advance of ISIS on the Arab penninsula, Barack Obama spent most of his first G20 press conference insisting that there would be no change to US policy

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When Trump Fought the Racists

By 11.13.15

And so the cry went up.

“Trump is a racist!” was the mocking cry from an off-stage Larry David when Trump recently hosted Saturday Night Live. The David bit was designed to make fun not of Trump but Trump’s critics. In this case a left-wing group calling itself deportracism.com which, without the slightest sense of irony, put together a thoroughly racist ad having children spewing obscenities as they proclaimed their allegiance not to America and its ideals but rather to their race. A chilling reminder of all those fresh-faced young Germans of long ago pledging allegiance to their Aryan race.

All of this is already old news. But there is a much older “old news” story about Trump that has now resurfaced — a story that paints a highly accurate portrait of the real Donald Trump — the guy who has no time for racism and anti-Semitism and stood up in public to fight both. 

Clinton Celebrates Environmentalist Endorsement By Boarding Carbon-Spewing Private Plane

By on 11.12.15 | 2:09PM

Hillary Clinton has struggled to earn the support of the more extreme elements in her party, environmentalists included. A few months ago, she tried to pander to those who belive the Earth is melting faster than a chocolate bunny in July under the limited influence of mankind by attacking the Keystone Pipeline project, but the Obama Administration has already nixed that economic development project in the name of preserving the penugin population, so she's been out of luck.

Finally, this week, she caught a break from the League of Conservative Voters, who broke ranks with other environmental groups (all of whom have endorsed Bernie Sanders) to provide Clinton with a modicum of ecological credence. Clinton took LCV up on its offer to attend their most recent get-together, and used the opportunity to announce a sweeping "climate change" plan that included a "North American Climate Compact" designed to put Canada and Mexico on the same page as the US in limiting fossil fuel consumption.

Sen. Claire McCaskill Wants Men to Shut The Hell Up About Everything

By on 11.11.15 | 3:23PM

Sen. Claire McCaskill tried, unsuccessfully, to film a spoof public service announcement for Stephen Colbert a few days ago, ostensibly as a way to address "mansplaining," while letting us in on McCaskill's quirky side. Unfortunately, Claire McCaskill doesn't actually appear to have a quirky side, and the resulting video is less "poignant and hilarious cultural criticism" and more "prickly and outdated feminist overture from the embattled Senator of a Midwestern state." 

But that's beside the point: the product was a foregone conclusion as soon as they selected its star. What you should know, men of the Spectator, is that you are no longer allowed to speak on a seemingly random variety of topics because Claire McCaskill says so. 

Obviously, men can't also have an opinion on this video, as it play directly into Claire McCaskill's argument. So I'll break it down for you. According to Claire, gentlemen, you are no longer able to opine on the following topics:

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The College Frankenstein

By 11.11.15

Monday morning, the embattled University of Missouri President, Tim Wolfe, resigned after pressure from student groups over a series of “racial incidents” that apparently marred the campus experience to such a degree that no one can effectively name the incidents in question without consulting a timeline that seems to quantify them as “he said/he said” events, without any specific details.