Rubio Pulls Into Second Nationally

By on 12.2.15 | 12:17PM

Donald Trump may still be leading the pack, but Marco Rubio is not far behind. 

Rubio has emerged, lately, as the "logical" choice to lead the Republican field, and the general consensus, perhaps worn out on Donald Trump's "tough love" approach to everything, is following suit. Today, Quinnipiac found that Rubio is now a solid second, with Cruz holding steady at third, Carson sinking back, and Jeb Bush, who has positioned himself as Rubio's main competition, nowhere to be found.

The archetypical tale of the young grasshopper surpassing his mentor is still playing out between Miami's two native presidential candidates. Except in this case, the mentor is desperately outspending his protégé — and everyone else for that matter — in a last-ditch effort to remain relevant. And so far, it's not working.

Barack Obama In Paris: Mass Shootings Don’t Happen Outside of America

By on 12.1.15 | 2:16PM

The news media is fairly sure that a man who lived in a shack in rural Colorado, who terrified his neighbors and routinely attracted the attention of law enforcement, was definitely motivated solely by a swath of videos depicting Planned Parenthood officials "donating" baby brains over glasses of merlot, when he shot a bunch of people in the general vicinity of a Planned Parenthood facility. Our elected leaders, though, have been more careful about ascribing the actions of a madman to talk radio hosts and bloggers. 

Latest Hillary Clinton Ad: “44 Boys is Too Many”

By on 12.1.15 | 1:43PM

Hillary Clinton will, eventually, make her entire campaign about her gender rather than her merits.  She has to, after all, since her only merit is basically her gender (at least as far as the #waronwomen voters are concerned). I mean, did you expect her to run on her foreign policy record? Her political experience? Her winning personality?

She no longer seems to be struggling with opposition in her own party, since Bernie Sanders appears to have reached critical mass (there are only so many people who are fine with socialism, and those people usually have their college final exams right about this time), and Martin O'Malley has no significant presence to speak of, so Hillary Clinton is now happy to lay the groundwork against her forthcoming Republican opponent who will, likely as not, be a man. And according to her latest campaign ad, 44 men in office is more than enough.  

Paris Climate Change Conference Expected to be Major Contributor to Climate Change

By on 11.30.15 | 11:57AM

This week begins #COP21, the United Nations Climate Change "Conference of Parties," destined to save us all from death by a thousand sunburns. Or possibly melted ice caps. Or more solid ice caps. Or snow. Or possibly no snow. Or something. They'll figure it out and then they'll tell you what to fear. No worries.

Anyway, this weekend, 150 separate world leaders flew in from all corners of the globe to attend the conference, which aims to keep global warming at "under 2 degress Celsius," a significant feat considering that the Earth has, according to the same body, warmed 0.85 degrees since 1880, and also because the planet travels around a very large, superheated body that is continually evolving and changing throughout its life cycle, thus affecting weather patterns and climate temperature on Earth. Later this week, around 20,000 individual delegates from 195 countries will arrive in Paris for the talks, by train, plane, car, bus and bike, burning over 300,000 tons of CO2, their primary ozone-depleting concern, by the end of the week.

Suspended CNN Reporter Conspired With Clinton Campaign to Smear Rand Paul

By on 11.25.15 | 1:01PM

Earlier this week, Elise Labott, a CNN reporter, took to Twitter to express her frustration over a House bill that would have "limited" incoming Syrian refugee applications by requiring an additional signature from the FBI, signing off on an application that the Syrian refugees had to complete anyway. Her effort at editorialization cost her a couple of weeks vacation without pay. 

But now, thanks to a small cache of emails, published by Gawker, we can confidently say that Labott's foray into opinion journalism wasn't an isolated incident. In fact, Labott appears to have an open line of communication with Clinton aide, Phillipe Reines, and, at one point, took direction from the Clinton campaign, attacking Sen. Rand Paul on Twitter at their behest and with their Tweet.

Obama Will Show Terrorists Who’s Boss With Climate Change Conference

By on 11.24.15 | 2:28PM

Next week, the world's leaders will converge on Paris to discuss whether humanity is burning up the ozone layer and how best to address the problem (hint: the solution will probably include a plea for more governmental authority in monitoring and controlling humanity's energy consumption and, probably, taxes). And, thankfully, according to our fearless leader who has been completely absent from the world stage following the Paris terror attacks, such a gathering will not only end our global reliance on fossil fuels, but it will also demonstrate to a homicidal Islamic apocalypse cult that we are a strong, global presence committed to the issues that truly matter.

Or something.

All we know is that President Obama is 100% convinced that our best offense against terrorism is a Climate Change conference. 

Ted Cruz Pulls Even With Donald Trump in Iowa

By on 11.24.15 | 1:02PM

For a rather long time, Donald Trump has looked nearly infallible as the designated Republican leader, but lately, a string of mis-steps, problematic statements and thinly veiled temper tantrums appear to have soured American voters on their most famous potential candidate - or at least, capped off his support levels. 

In Iowa, at least, a new potential front-runner is on the rise: Ted Cruz. And for the first time, a candidate other than Donald Trump is within spitting distance of locking down Iowa voters, who will hold their caucus just a couple of months from now. 

Ted Cruz, buoyed by tea party support and the backing of the conservative wing of the Republican Party, has surged to a virtual tie with Donald Trump in the first caucus state of Iowa, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll surveying likely Republican caucus-goers released Tuesday.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet Over Syrian Border

By on 11.24.15 | 11:34AM

This morning, news outlets are reporting that Turkey shot down a Russian Sukhoi fighter jet somewhere along the Turkey-Syria border.

According to Turkey, they warned the fighter jet it was "repeatedly' crossing into Turkish airspace and had been warned before it was attacked. Russia says the aircraft was well inside Syrian airspace and has promised "serious consequences."

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the plane had been attacked when it was 1 km (0.62 mile) inside Syria and warned of "serious consequences" for what he termed a stab in the back administered by "the accomplices of terrorists".

"We will never tolerate such crimes like the one committed today," Putin said, as Russian and Turkish shares fell on fears of an escalation between the former Cold War enemies.

Political Hay

Trump and the Mosques

By 11.24.15

Here are the headlines: 

• “Pastor at St. Margaret Mary Parish resigns amid FBI investigation.” The opening, from a TV station in Kentucky:

LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – Father Stephen Pohl resigned on Thursday, Aug. 20, from his position as a pastor of the St. Margaret Mary Parish.

Pohl is under investigation by the FBI and is accused of taking inappropriate pictures of children.

• “FBI investigates possible child pornography at Independence church.” This headline is out of Independence, Missouri, the story opening reading:

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) — The FBI is investigating an Independence Catholic church following what they say were two downloads of child pornography.

Trump Is Right: CNN Reported on American Muslims Celebrating 9/11

By on 11.23.15 | 10:42AM

So the newest controversy?

That Donald Trump said he saw clips of New Jersey Muslims celebrating 9/11. His critics pounced.  But whatever he may have seen or not seen in New Jersey, CNN reported here that Muslims in New York City celebrated 9/11 — in 2009.

The clip, found on YouTube, is dated from 2009 and was apparently broadcast in the aftermath of the Ft. Hood shooting that involved  U.S. Army Major Nidal Hassan, an American Muslim whose actions were celebrated by a group called “Revolution Muslim.”

The CNN segment was anchored by Anderson Cooper, with the report filed by CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin. The focus of the story is the 96th Street Mosque, identified as “right in the heart of New York.” The report was titled “Homegrown Hate.” Griffin speaks to the Imam, who says Islam is about peace. But right outside the Mosque are Muslims — American Muslims “born and raised” in the United States — preaching hatred of the U.S. Saying that the 9/11 attacks were justified. Griffin captures all of this on camera, with members of the group professing their love for Osama bin Laden.