Hillary Clinton, Old Person, Does Not Like This Newfangled Uber App

By on 7.13.15 | 5:54PM

A week or so ago, my friend Lisa De Pasquale over at Breitbart, penned an article about how this election cycle is shaping up to be Gen-X versus Baby Boomers. In it, she pointed out that while Hillary Clinton might not be too old to be President (I mean, seriously, the GOP once ran John McCain who knows so much about foreign policy because he was around with Pangea broke apart), she certainly acts old - way older than should be socially acceptable or electorally palatable. 

Today, Hillary spent half her speech railing on the Wall Street banks that make up a significant part of her donor base, and the other half complaining about these young whippersnappers and their newfangled smartphones with the texting and the Facebooking and the Ubering. I mean, who do they think they are, circumventing an antiquated and burdensome, union-driven transportation boondoggle with ingenuity and common sense and a cooperative network that allows individuals to purchase products on a free market that they themselves police? 

Hamptons Hotspot Turns Down Nancy Peolsi

By on 7.13.15 | 4:54PM

There are only a few people who can get seated at any restaurant in the Hamptons without making a reservation first. That list might include Billy Joel, Howard Stern, maybe that woman from the Food Network who runs the gourmet store in the neighborhood, probably Barack Obama.

Obviously, the list, at least at Hamptons hotspot Beautique, does not include House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Unfortunately for Nancy, she, reportedly, had to find that out the hard way.

[A] source said Pelosi had wanted to dine at the hotel’s restaurant, Beautique, that night, but arrived without a reservation and they were forced to turn her away.

“She was accompanied by a lot of security. Guests like Howard Stern already had tables,” says a spy. We’re told the restaurant did put together some room service so she could dine in her room.

Hillary Clinton, Backed By Wall Street, Wants to Dismantle Wall Street

By on 7.13.15 | 4:03PM

It isn't easy being Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is drawing big crowds. Pantsuits weren't a staple on the Paris Fashion Week runways. Disgusting commoners want to touch you, and people want to know things about your email and Benghazi and all these things they were supposed to forget about once they were dazzled by Hillary Clinton's wisdom and beauty. 

And there's only so much pandering you can do to target demographics. Keeping women, minorities, youth and small leftist special interest groups in line is only helpful if you have the majority of the Democratic base locked down, and its increasingly apparent that she doesn't. As Bernie Sanders rants away, Hillary's numbers are slipping, and her connection with the progressives that put Obama over the top only to see him govern as (mostly) a moderate, is tenuous at best. So what's a girl to do?

Pander some more. This time, to Bernie's base. America, you need a raise. Or something.

Ted Cruz Didn’t Bulk-Buy His Own Book, Says Amazon

By on 7.13.15 | 1:45PM

Over the weekend, Ted Cruz got a rude response from the New York Times when, despite blockbuster sales for his book, A Time for Truth, the New York Times refused to put it on their weekly list of best-sellers because they were convinced - convinced, I tell you - that Ted Cruz had been instructing his campaign to buy the book in bulk in order to pad his numbers. Cruz's book, by all accounts, sold around 11,000 copies, which should have put him third on the list, behind a book about the Wright Brothers and a book written by a former Playboy bunny and reality television star.

Scott Walker: Conservative Presidential Candidate, But for How Long?

By on 7.13.15 | 12:50PM

I suppose, based on the exultant prediction Aaron is making about Scott Walker's run at the Presidency, that it's up to me to be the Debbie Downer. 

So, it's not that I don't like Scott Walker. I do. I like him even more because the very mention of his name makes liberal toes curl. He's defeated the worst of the progressive worst not once, but three times in four years, and he plans on making his vision for Wisconsin, which won over voters despite dramatic sit-ins, protests and threats to bring hippie drum circles to every school district in the state, his vision for America. His brand new campaign video says it all.

But as serious conservative contenders for the highest office abound, Scott Walker isn't necessarily among them.

Political Hay

Six Reasons Why Scott Walker Will Be Elected President

By 7.13.15

Shortly before Scott Walker was re-elected Wisconsin’s Governor for the third time in four years, I made the case that if Walker prevailed Republicans should nominate him as their presidential candidate right then and there. Since January, Walker has been at or near the top of most public opinion polls of preferred standard bearers for the GOP in 2016, and today he officially launches his White House bid, making him the 15th Republican to join the field. While this field is quite crowded, I believe it will soon become apparent that Scott Walker stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Here are the six reasons why I believe Walker will not only win the GOP nomination, but be elected President in November 2016.

1. He’s Part of the Middle Class (or He Actually Shops at Kohl’s and Sears)

OPM Hack Affects 24 Million Americans, But OPM Chief Isn’t Resigning; UPDATE: Archuleta Resigns

By on 7.10.15 | 1:12PM

Update: Approximately 20 minutes ago, OPM director Kathleen Archuleta finally submitted her resignation. Lower-level employees in charge of tech still remain. Her deputy will take over. 


If you weren't certain, before, whether your personal information had been compromised in the series of Chinese hacks that hit the Office of Personnel Management earlier this year, well, let me set your mind at ease. You probably were.

Chuck Schumer Will Save You From Cell Phone Cases That Sort of Look Like Guns

By on 7.9.15 | 3:43PM

Now that he's won his battle against those Tide Pods that supposedly look like candy to small children, who are, apparently, eating them by the millions, Chuck Schumer is taking on yet another threat to your very health and safety, and everything you hold dear in this life and the next. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Chuck Schumer is here to rescue you from cell phone cases that kind of look like guns.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is raising alarm about the sale of iPhone cases that are made to look like the handle of a 9 mm handgun. 

In letters to online retailers and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the senator said the product is a disaster waiting to happen and warned it might violate federal law. 

The New York senator's warning had an immediate effect; Amazon and eBay told news outlets they were removing listings for the product. 

Clinton Thinks Trump is a Racist But Won’t Give Back His Donation

By on 7.9.15 | 3:25PM

I suppose that, when you openly solicit donations from entire nations who still think stoning women to death for being raped is an acceptable practice, holding on to a couple hundred thousand from a guy with a big mouth and a penchant for "speaking his mind" about Mexican immigrants barely registers on your radar.

In her first television interview as a Presidential contender, Hillary Clinton (who was not asked what its like being a "feminist" candidate whose family is funded by decidedly oppressive regimes) called Trump's comments that Mexican immigrants are, generally, rapists, inappropriate and expressed her "disappointment" that the Republican Party is not doing more to rein Trump in, because, apparently, that's their job. At no time did she mention that Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka, a successful entrepreneur in her own right, have contributed somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation has no plans to return the money.

Alan Grayson Will Run for Senate in Florida

By on 7.9.15 | 1:17PM

That headline should probably read, "Former Rep. Alan Grayson to Run for Senate in Florida Because This is the Best Day Ever, Sorry Democrats."

Dems have been working hard to find an acceptable replacement for Sen. Marco Rubio, who is vacating his seat to run for President. It's not very easy since, after all, the Florida Dems live in Florida, where people get high on bath salts and eat other people's faces, and dudes walk around Miami Beach wearing living snakes as accessories. The last thing they needed was noted crazypants former Rep. Alan Grayson to challenge their hand-picked candidate. 

But yet, here we are

Next year’s Florida Senate primary between Reps. Alan Grayson and Patrick Murphy will test whether Sunshine State Democrats are ready to embrace a deep-blue liberal.