Workers Deserve Labor Law Reform

By on 9.8.15 | 12:15PM

Unions use Labor Day as an occasion to remind workers of their past good deeds and deploy their usual rhetoric claiming to have workers’ best interests at heart.  

In theory, labor unions represent workers in order to secure better working conditions and compensation, but unions don’t always work that way. Unfortunately, unions always negotiate one-size-fits-all contracts that make them the sole representative of those workers. Besides bargaining for contracts that are not responsive to all workers’ needs, labor unions commonly advocate for more coercive power that harms worker rights.

Unions use their vast political funds to advance legislation and regulation that keep in place an outdated system of exclusive representation where workers lose autonomy in contract negotiations at organized workplaces—ensuring that individual workers have no right to negotiate with management over working conditions, pay, or benefits.

Another Perspective

President Trump and the Twitter Presidency

By 9.8.15

Let’s race by all this election-silliness. It is now January 20, 2017. The swearing-in ceremony is long over, the inaugural balls have finally wound down. President Donald Trump is propped up on the fluffy pillows of Lincoln’s famous bed. He pulls up his Twitter account….

And what?

At this point, reporters may have created a new slug line that can be retrieved with a single stroke. Tap the key board and up pops the line:

“Donald Trump tweeted today that…….”

Which raises a question. Would President Trump tweet? President Obama tweets — sort of. Here’s his Twitter account: https://twitter.com/potus?lang=en Take a good look at those presidential tweets. Salutes to Congressman John Lewis and LBJ, a photo of Earth, some back and forth with GOP members of Congress. 

The Morning Spectacle: Labor Relations

By on 9.4.15 | 4:00AM

It's a holiday weekend in just a few short hours.

In Our Sights

Yesterday, Donald Trump signed a "loyalty pledge," apparently reassuring the Republican Party that he will not run a third-party campaign if he's not selected as the GOP nominee. The agreement is non-binding, and while the Republicans provided the pledge, Trump provided the tower it was signed in. 

In 2009, Hillary Clinton held a lovely dinner for several representatives of for-profit schools. Shortly after, Bill Clinton began cashing hefty checks from Laureate International, one of the schools Hillary Clinton had hosted. Shortly after that, Laureate International received a generous State Department grant. How convenient.

Hillary Clinton’s IT Aide Will Plead the Fifth if Subpoenaed

By on 9.3.15 | 4:35PM

Hillary Clinton's IT squad is scheduled to report to Congress shortly, to discuss the then-Secretary of State's questionable email choices. But, as it turns out, at least one person with direct knowledge of Clinton's email setup - her most trusted IT aide - has already lawyered up and is now refusing to testify, citing the Fifth Amendment.

Bryan Pagliano has worked for Clinton since her 2008 campaign, and joined State alongside his former boss, working primarily in the IT department. He's probably not loking at a rosy career ahead of him on her team now.

A former State Department staffer who worked on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private e-mail server tried this week to fend off a subpoena to testify before Congress, saying he would assert his constitutional right not to answer questions to avoid incriminating himself.

The Morning Spectacle: Rumors

By on 9.3.15 | 11:27AM

You're getting close, guys. So close.

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The FBI announced this morning that they're beginning an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton's private email server was hacked. Thanks to brilliant timing, this is basically an open-and-shut case: a hacker has come forward claiming to have 37,000 of the Presidential candidate's emails, available to the highest bidder.

The RNC is reportedly circulating a "loyalty pledge" among candidates for the Republican nomination, in order to ensure Donald Trump stays a Republican even if he's not nominated. Not only is this kind of creepy, but it shows the RNC hasn't read Trump's Art of the Deal: don't sign anything until you know what's in it for you.

Another Perspective

Trump Takes on the New Nativists

By 9.3.15

Call them the New Nativists. The Know Everythings.

Appallingly arrogant, insufferably elitist, wildly disconnected from every day Americans and profoundly impressed by a presumed intellectual and moral superiority that others find decidedly un-conservative at best and bigoted at worst — some of Donald Trump’s critics have not only gone around the bend they have jumped the shark. And some of the anti-Trump criticism is tied tight to an illegal immigration movement that is — it needs to be said — flat out racist. Determined to remake an America based on color-blind principles of freedom and liberty into a balkanized country divided by race and class. Re-creating America as the new old-South Africa — or bringing the social, race-based class warfare of Mexico northward.

Clinton Email Contained Sensitive Information About North Korea

By on 9.2.15 | 12:27PM

Hillary Clinton has been parsing her words a lot lately, picking and choosing carefully what terms she uses so as to not be overtly incorrect. For instance, she says she never "sent" classified email, but has only on occasion admitted to receiving it, but only then, it wasn't classified when she got it (possibly, though, because she ignored the classification, but see, she didn't say that). As it happens, she may have even been correct about the "classified information," since technically, some of the product she received was actually "top secret."

Nestled among the friendly exchanges with Barbara Mikulski and requests for TV guides are several emails, according to intelligence souces, that contain information relayed from spy satellites circling over North Korea, including tracking information for North Korea's nuclear weapons. 

Sen. Barbara Mikulski Is 34th Vote “Yes” In Senate, Keeps Iran Deal Alive

By on 9.2.15 | 10:56AM

Secretary of State John Kerry went on CNN this morning to announce that the President had secured enough votes in the Senate to ensure there would be no Republican filibuster of his Iran deal. While anyone other than Christian Amanpour would have stared at the Secretary quizzically, it appears her comfortable, sympathetic and unyielding gaze was the correct approach to the Secretary's proclamation. 

The administration has, indeed, finally whipped its 34th Senate vote: Maryland's Democratic Senator (and Clinton confidante, as we learned from the released emails) Barbara Mikulski

I'm not sure what they promised her, but I hope it was worth it.

The Morning Spectacle: Midweek Madness

By on 9.2.15 | 4:00AM

The weekend is much closer than it appears.

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Is the Trump surge over? After weeks of topping the Iowa polls, everyone's favorite former real estate mogul has slipped to second — or, at least, he's slipped into the margin of error, even with Dr. Ben Carson. Must have been the helicopter rides.

Scott Walker may now be in danger of being re-seated to the kids' table for the CNN Presidential debate, but he's giving his all to New Hampshire. The Wisconsin governor will spend Labor Day weekend criss-crossing the Granite State on a Harley Davidson.