Morning Spectacle: Non-Conformists

By on 9.10.15 | 4:15AM

Can you believe it's already Thursday? 

In Our Sights

Hillary Clinton may be looking to show more "heart" on her campaign in order to connect better with "everyday Americans," but her campaign won't be mentioning "everyday Americans" anytime soon. Because the staff thought it sounded too much like Wal-Mart's plebian slogan, the campaign is dropping "everyday Americans" from all of their literature.

The man who practically invented viral anti-virus software, John McAfee, announced yesterday that he's running for President on the "Cyber Party" ticket, which he made up. McAfee is most famous for creating McAfee Anti-Virus, which is probably still on your PC despite being deleted sometime in the mid-1990s, and a short stint he spent as a fugitive from the law after being accused for murder.


Nixon’s Silent Majority Was Not About Race

By 9.10.15

It is amazing to behold. For the Left — even the Republican Left — everything is about race. Even when it isn’t. Even when one has to re-write history to make that history something it never was.

All too predictably, the New York Times — the paper that cannot control its obsession with race-card playing — recently ran this headline:

Republicans Fear Donald Trump Is Hardening Party’s Tone on Race

Really? And how exactly is this happening? Why, Donald Trump is using the term “Silent Majority” from the Nixon-era. And everybody knows that was racist, right? Here’s the Times version of this nonsense:

Tom Brady is a Big Donald Trump Fan

By on 9.9.15 | 3:37PM

Since Tom Brady is now allowed to stock his locker, after a judge rolled back his "Deflategate" suspension, it only makes sense that he would immediately add a "Make American Great Again" Donald Trump hat to his post-game lineup. 

According to a follow-up interview Brady did on a Boston radio program, Donald Trump and Tom Brady are actually quite friendly, having met in 2002 when Brady was a "celebrity judge" for the Miss USA pageant, alongside other early-2000s celebrities like Willa Ford and Jermaine Jackson. While Brady wouldn't confirm to the show that he'd vote for The Donald, he did say that Trump has "done amazing things."

For his part, Donald Trump Tweeted some support for Brady after his Deflategate punishment was tosssed out, and told TMZ that "Tom Brady is the greatest."

Hillary Clinton Posts ‘Four Sentences’ Defense of Email Use, Pledges Transparency

By on 9.9.15 | 3:26PM

Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to rid herself of this email scandal that's been dogging her for weeks, collapsing her campaign. After all, in order to fully launch "Hillary 2.0," the kinder, gentler, more transparent software update she's been pledging, she has to leave all her problems behind her.

The most effective approach would probably be the simplest one: apologize, turn over the emails and allow authorities to comb through them, taking responsibility for whatever problems might arise, and then allowing the media to provide you with enough favorable coverage to ride out the drama without serving any time. But Hillary Clinton will always be a Clinton, and so cannot resist covering her own pantsuited behind with a host of excuses — the only things that are truly transparent about her response.

Late last night on Facebook, Hillary Clinton posted this defense of her email use:

State Dept. “Email Czar” is Hillary Clinton Donor

By on 9.9.15 | 2:53PM

The State Department announced yesterday that they would appoint an "Email Czar" to handle all of the FOIA and investigative requests, including the ones tied to Hillary Clinton's basement email server. The Czar, who they consider to be their "transparency guru," will be in charge of maintaining records for the State Department and "improving" the processes by which they State Department collects and disseminates information.

According to The Hill, Secretary of State John Kerry has had it up to here with all of the requests targeting Hillary Clinton's email, and wanted to get the problem off his hands as quickly as possible. So, they tried to find someone fast, settling on Ambassador Janice Jacobs, who is a former diplomat and visa-process consultant, and — in a move I'm sure none of you saw coming — a very recent, maxed-out donor to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

Morning Spectacle: Immunity

By on 9.9.15 | 4:00AM

We return from a very long holiday weekend, and it's almost the weekend again.

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Mike Huckabee would prefer that Ted Cruz not steal his Kentucky thunder. After doing all the legwork, organizing a rally for recently freed, religiously objecting Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, Mike made sure that no other Presidential candidates muscled in on his territory — by any means necessary.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz backed Obama's Iran deal, defying both common sense and her constituents. Fortunately, the latter possesses the former: Debbie's already drawn a primary challenger, and he's very well financed.

President Obama Eats a Bear’s Leftovers in Alaska

By on 9.8.15 | 3:10PM

While in Alaska, President Obama caught up with survivalist Bear Grylls, because why not

Although the President did not undergo Grylls's typical hazing maneuver, forcing his companions to drink their own urine (though, to be fair, there was a WeThePeople.gov petition that got almost the required threshold number of signatures to require a White House response), he did manage to learn at least one survival skill during his short time fifty feet away from his handlers under the watchful eye of the Presidential doctor and the Secret Service: how to turn bear leftovers into a decent wilderness meal.


You really do need to see it to believe it.

Biden Beats Bernie (and Clinton) in New National Poll

By on 9.8.15 | 2:42PM

Joe Biden joined union bigwigs this weekend at Labor Day events, trying to show how connected he is to the "working Americans" that make up the very fabric of our proud nation. Armed with his trademark aviator sunglasses, Joe spoke about the "glory days" when men were men, women were women, and REO Speedwagon was still making gold records.

The schtick, though, seems to be working. As Bernie Sanders struggles to fire up anyone who understands basic economics, and Hillary Clinton struggles to fire up, frankly, anyone, Joe Biden, who isn't even officially in the race, has been surging to the tops of polls, making his first appearance this week as the national Democratic challenger to the Clinton throne.

Joe Biden is up and Hillary Clinton is down in a new Monmouth University national poll of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters.

Hillary Clinton Announces 2.0 Update, Expanded Transparency

By on 9.8.15 | 1:55PM

Hillary Clinton hasn't had much success on the circuit lately. In fact, it's gotten so bad, she's been asking voters to sign a "loyalty pledge" before they enter one of her rallies. There's no word yet on what happens if you defect to Bernie Sanders, but most of the people who attended the rally are about to find out - of the "youth outreach" crowd, most were there to see Bill Clinton. The rest were dedicated Berniacs.

Workers Deserve Labor Law Reform

By on 9.8.15 | 12:15PM

Unions use Labor Day as an occasion to remind workers of their past good deeds and deploy their usual rhetoric claiming to have workers’ best interests at heart.  

In theory, labor unions represent workers in order to secure better working conditions and compensation, but unions don’t always work that way. Unfortunately, unions always negotiate one-size-fits-all contracts that make them the sole representative of those workers. Besides bargaining for contracts that are not responsive to all workers’ needs, labor unions commonly advocate for more coercive power that harms worker rights.

Unions use their vast political funds to advance legislation and regulation that keep in place an outdated system of exclusive representation where workers lose autonomy in contract negotiations at organized workplaces—ensuring that individual workers have no right to negotiate with management over working conditions, pay, or benefits.