Washington Judges Congress by the Number of Laws It Passes

By on 12.29.15 | 6:05PM

Philip Bump of the Washington Post, still in thrall to the labor theory of Congress’s value, declares, “The 112th Congress, you might remember, was the least productive in modern times.” That is to say, it passed fewer bills than other recent Congresses. But all is not lost!

After the first year of this 114th Congress, more bills have been enacted than in the 112th or 113th, according to data compiled by GovTrack.us. So far, the 114th is tracking more closely with the more-productive 110th and 111th.

So good news for those of you have been worrying that you didn’t have enough new laws to discover, understand, and obey. Bump’s article is full of charts and data, all organized around the theme that a good, “productive” Congress is one that produces bills.

The Current Crisis

Women Warriors and the Bottle

By 12.23.15

It is apparently a little known fact in the Obama Administration that girls are weaker than boys and that grown women are weaker than grown men. Moreover, women training for combat positions suffer physical injuries at twice the rate of men, and they suffer significantly higher rates of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety after exposure to combat. Of course, you probably knew this by simple observation or by reading the sports page and noting that women’s athletic records are significantly lower than men’s records. But then you are not in the Obama Administration.

Queen Hillary’s Bathroom Rudeness

By on 12.22.15 | 10:24AM

Remember that time in one of those GOP debates when there was a bathroom break and Carly Fiorina didn’t get back before the debate resumed? Keeping everyone waiting because she refused to use a public ladies room when there was another woman in one of the other stalls?

Of course you don’t remember this. Why? Because it wouldn’t enter Carly Fiorina’s head to behave in this kind of arrogant manner. 

This morning I appeared on CNN’s New Day to discuss Donald Trump’s attack on Hillary for her bathroom behavior. He was receiving some criticism for going after her on this — and afterwards, but of course, the Hillary apologists at Media Matters were scandalized at my response, as seen here.

Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, a moderator of CNN GOP debates, is the author of a Hillary bio aptly titled The Queen and nothing captured Hillary’s “the rules don’t apply to me” attitude better than the simple basics of that bathroom break.

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Trump Spells Trouble for Clinton

By 12.22.15

If recent polls from more than half a dozen reputable polling organizations are to be believed, of the six leading Republican candidates for president Donald Trump is the one least likely to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election.

Polling can be and has often been wrong, sometimes spectacularly so, but Trump’s electability gap has been a consistent feature of his primary campaign as a fire-breathing self-funding willing-to-say-anything non-politician politician.

However, even if you believe (as I do) the conventional wisdom that Hillary Clinton is “clearly itching to run against Mr. Trump,” he nevertheless poses a substantial threat to her presidential aspirations in advance of November’s elections.

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Speaker Paul Boehner

By 12.18.15


Absolutely astonishing. Is it any wonder the base of the GOP is flocking to the campaigns of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz .?

So much for Speaker Paul Ryan .. Make that Speaker Paul Boehner.

The Ryan-led House GOP has utterly betrayed the Republican base that elected them. In the recently passed budget deal for which, according to the Washington Post, “House Republicans provided most of the needed votes,” the GOP leadership saw to it — after swearing up and down that they would use their congressional posts to defund Obamacare, stop the Obama executive amnesty, and defund Planned Parenthood — broke every last promise. Once elected, the GOP Congress turned on their own supporters — deliberately, willfully, eagerly — and broke every last promise. All of them.

Hollywood to Make Chappaquiddick Film With “Hero” Ted Kennedy

By on 12.15.15 | 12:13PM

Remember that time that Senator Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge into a frozen lake, escaped the car and swam to safety but left a young political staffer named Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in the frigid water? 

If the director of Fifty Shades of Grey has anything to do with it, you will - but you'll remember Ted Kennedy, the man who drove the car and abandoned the scene while a woman struggled for her life (he didn't even alert police until the next morning), as the hero. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sam Taylor-Johnson, who famously directed the "erotic thriller" whose sex scenes were, reportedly, slightly less titillating than watching paint dry, will helm the new project, Chappaquiddick, that will finally - finally - give old Ted the recognition he deserves for his heroic and selfless action. 

Melissa Harris-Perry Says Star Wars is Racist Because Darth Vader is Black

By on 12.14.15 | 4:43PM

I could say a lot about this clip, but I'd prefer that you watch it in all of its glory before I do anything of the sort. 

Behold, Melissa Harris-Perry, who has apparently never seen Star Wars, taking advantage of the excitement for Friday's Episode VII: The Force Awakens premiere to connect the popular gestalt to her favorite subject, "everything is racist."

The money quote:

“The part where he was totally a black guy, whose name was basically James Earl Jones,” she said. “While he was black he was terrible and bad, awful and used to cut off white men’s hand, and didn’t actually claim his son. But as soon as he claims his son, goes over to the good, takes off his mask and he is white — yes, I have many feelings about that.”

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The GOP’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

By 12.10.15

The headline in the Washington Post editorial ran this way: 

It’s time for Republicans to renounce Donald Trump’s candidacy

And like chastened children, all too eager to please, leaders in the Republican Party stepped forward after Trump’s comments on momentarily halting Muslim immigration as a temporary safety precaution and did just as instructed. Meanwhile, in a new Fox News poll in South Carolina, of which half was taken after he made his statement on halting Muslim immigration, Trump went up by eight points. All of which says everything you need to know about why so many Republicans and conservatives across the land have developed such a loathing for their own party’s leadership.

Among those doing some version of what the Washington Post and other Establishment — and liberal — elites demanded:

Regulatory Dark Matter

By on 12.9.15 | 1:36PM

#COP21: Examining the Data

By on 12.8.15 | 1:51PM

Yesterday, the Heartland Institute featured a full day of scientific inquiry designed to examine the data behind "climate change."

The conference, which took place in Paris near the #COP21, hosted a full delegation of scientists and policy experts, who examined and discussed the data being presented at #COP21, as well as the legislative agenda behind such an intense focus on climate change. You can watch all six hours of the conference here:

The conference was routinely interrupted by progressives attempting to silence the message.