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Trump Battles the Violent Left

By 2.25.16

It has become a staple of Donald Trump rallies. The American Left, in all its historically violent glory, is out there trying to provoke violence. 

The pattern today goes like this.

Somebody, or multiples of leftist somebodies shows up at a Trump rally, and quickly proceeds not to boo but to provoke. When the candidate or his supporters are forced to take notice, the gendarmes are called, a scene ensues, and for a moment violence — small scale violence thus far — ensues.

Where have we seen this pattern before? For those old enough to remember their leftist history the answer is when then Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the 1968 Democratic nominee for president, was on the campaign trail against Republican Richard Nixon and Democrat turned third party candidate George Wallace.

President Obama Reportedly Vetting Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS

By on 2.24.16 | 5:27PM

Brian Sandoval's office says its the first he's heard of it, but sources "close to the Nevada governor's office" are saying that the Obama Administration has begun the Supreme Court vetting process for the Republican moderate and former Federal district judge.

Supposedly, Harry Reid has been running interference for Obama as the plan comes together - a plan that makes very little sense when you consider Obama and Reid would be selling out their liberal constituents for ease of process, and, ostensibly, to protect a Republican Senate. But, apparently, the process continues unabated, and looks, at least for now, promising.

Brian Sandoval, the centrist Republican governor of Nevada, is being vetted by the White House for a possible nomination to the Supreme Court, according to two people familiar with the process.

Marco Rubio Says He Won’t Attack Trump - But After Attacking Cruz?

By on 2.24.16 | 4:42PM

Marco Rubio is being pushed to attack Donald Trump more vociferously, in order to weaken the presumptive Republican frontrunner.

But while Marco Rubio, the man who just a few days ago released a statement attacking Cruz for spreading a rumor that he'd maligned the Bible, will do anything for your love, he just won't do that. Although Rubio told the Today show this morning that the majority of Republicans don't like Donald Trump, and that he's a threat to the integrity of the Republican Party, Rubio will abide by the so-called "Eleventh Commandment" and refrain from attacking another Republican.

Judge Grants Judicial Watch Opportunity for Discovery on Hillary’s Emails

By on 2.24.16 | 4:16PM

The Freedom of Information Act has been a hotly contested subject in the "most transparent administration in history." While President Obama and his colleagues have touted their unprecedented cooperation with the public, they - including the State Department - have been working tirelessly to protect some of the most meaningful - and dangerous - materials from the public eye. 

Texas Court Dismisses Rick Perry Indictment

By on 2.24.16 | 12:31PM

Gov. Rick Perry is now in the clear after an appeals court tossed the second and final felony charge leveled against the former Texas governor. 

Perry had been accused of using his veto pen to punish a group of ethics attorneys, after he declined to approve $7.5 million dollars for their program. The head of the program, a district attorney charged with enforcing ethics in office, was found guilty of driving under the influence before the bill came up, and refused Perry's calls to resign, even though Perry insisted she was unfit for her job. Perry then got socked with a lawsuit over his veto, because of course he did.

Today, that lawsuit was fully dismissed.

Texas' highest criminal court tossed the second and final felony charge against former Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday, likely ending a case the Republican says helped sink his short-lived 2016 presidential bid.

After Nevada, Is Trump Inevitable?

By on 2.24.16 | 11:38AM

I could give you a rundown of what happened last night in Nevada but (1) Aaron already did it and (2) it's better if I illustrate it with a photo.

I'm not saying this merely because, barring the possibility of a brokered convention, the Donald is the presumptive nominee. I'm saying this because Nevada's performance last night, across the board, should force a revocation of its statehood. I award the entire state no points, and may God have mercy on its soul.

Ted Cruz Ups the Ante — or the Crazy — on Immigration

By on 2.23.16 | 1:08PM

Poor Ted Cruz. After yesterday's "unforced error" that resulted in the swift and brutal demise of his communications guru, he's got an uphill climb to regain the trust of his social media supporters. Fool me once, as with Ben Carson, shame on Ted. Fool me twice...shame on me for thinking this was all a bad dream that we were going to wake up from with a normal slate of Republican Presidential candidates.

Conservative Tastes

Why the Bush Dynasty Fell

By 2.23.16

Earth to GOP Establishment: Do you get it yet?

Jeb Bush has suspended his campaign. And I will say it: Governor Bush is a good and decent man. He fought hard. In this corner I salute him and wish him well.

But if nothing else, the Jeb Bush defeat is a very big moment in the modern history of the GOP. The Fall of the House of Bush (as various headlines would have it) is precisely a reminder of the difference between Reaganites and Bushies. Or, as it were, the conservative base and the GOP Establishment. The other day, as the campaign in South Carolina was winding up, Jeb’s big brother George W. stepped to the campaign microphones, with President Bush 43 reminding audiences of President Bush 41’s saying that “labels are for soup cans.” Contrast with Ronald Reagan’s famous description of Establishment Republicans like the Bushes, with Reagan saying that the moderate GOP Establishment viewed the GOP as a “fraternal order” and a party of “pale pastels” rather than “bold colors.” Understand that key difference, and the reason for the failure of this latest Bush campaign is all too easy to understand.

Joe Biden in 1992: No SCOTUS Votes Once Political Season is Underway

By on 2.22.16 | 4:14PM

Last week, the liberal blogosphere lost its collective mind over the prospect of a GOP-led stalemate over Supreme Court nominations, tearing at their scalps and rending their garments as they claimed conservative lawmakers were in open violation of their Constitutional duties (which, of course, are to advise and consent over nominations, not rubber stamp them) for refusing to put a potentail Justice to a floor vote so close to a Presidential election. They might think the Constitution is a "living document," but heaven forfend anyone else try to interpret it.

Trump Tells Ricketts Family to Stop Spending Against Him…Or Else

By on 2.22.16 | 2:12PM

Pitchers and catchers reported just a few short days ago, but already things are looking good for the Chicago Cubs - or, at least, better than they have for a long time. Vegas odds are already favoring the Cubs for their first World Series appearance in decades, and batting practice had barely begun before left fielder Kyle Schwarber knocked a home run so far out of the park it busted a local windshield. Here's hoping that this is simply the first in an ongoing scourge of baseball-related automobile damages, centered around Waveland Avenue.

Anyway, while the Cubs seem to be doing just fine, their owners, the Ricketts family, have come under fire from Donald Trump on Twitter, for their contributions to Our Principles PAC - a Team Romney-led effort designed to handicap Trump in primary states. Marlene Ricketts, wife of Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade, has contributed around $3 million, so far, to help air ads attacking Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. And Trump is none too happy about it.