Donald Trump Threatens To Run Third Party

By on 7.23.15 | 12:02PM

I don't know about any of you, but I'm full-on with The Onion at this point: I really just want to see how this Trump thing plays out. Having been in politics for over a decade now, I know it's way too early to start lobbing predictions over who will peak and who will valley and who will have a nervous breakdown on the trail and start screaming about how no one one they've hired can get them a Diet Sprite quickly enough so why even bother. Trump, at least, makes this all interesting. Otherwise, I'd jsut be covering Hillary Clinton taking foundation money from people who still stone women for driving.

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Hypocrisy and Incompetence: Why the GOP Fails

By 7.23.15

In a snapshot? Jeb Bush and John McCain have just illustrated exactly why Donald Trump is surging in the polls.

The other day, Governor Bush came out four square for lobbyist reform. As reported in the Hill:

Bush called for three reforms: 1) broadening the official definition of lobbyist to include ambiguous work such as "government relations"; 2) increasing lobbying disclosure from quarterly to weekly; and 3) extending the lobbying "cooling off" period to six years for former members of Congress. He also pledged to limit lobbying of his White House by former administration officials.

But back in January? Here’s the headline from Politico:  

Jeb Bush courts D.C. lobbyists: His allies are being asked to raise $50,000 each for the likely 2016 hopeful.

Among other things the article reports:

Chattanooga Marines Sacrificed Themselves to Save Innocent Bystanders

By on 7.22.15 | 1:00PM

We're gradually getting more details about last week's Chattanooga terrorist attack that took the lives of five servicemen. Much of the news is both revealing and depressing: the shooter, for example, kept a detailed diary of both his ideology and his drug use, a dangerous combination, and some of the servicement, it turns out, may have been armed with personal weapons they never got the chance to use. 

Today, according to a report from the New York Times, it seems we have a better understanding of why some of the Marines took fire: the courageous men who perished in the attack were trying to distract the shooter from a much larger crowd of innocent bystanders. Effectively, the Marines killed in Chattanooga sacrified themselves to save more lives.

According to reporting from The New York Times, some of the Marines killed in the Chattanooga shooting were killed trying to draw the gunman’s fire away from another, larger group of innocent bystanders.

Hillary Clinton Tanks in Key Swing States

By on 7.22.15 | 12:34PM

Hillary Clinton has been busily targeting Iowa voters with her "Chillary" campaign, looking desperately to the people of middle America to recognize her right to the Iron Throne.

But as she's been handing out beer koozies to Des Moines residents and inviting Cedar Rapids soccer moms to private dinners where she can pick their brains, her numbers have been tanking across the board - not in early states, but in the swing states she needs to top Republicans in the eventual 2016 contest. According to a new poll from Quinnipiac, Clinton is being creamed by the three top Republican candidates everywhere it counts.

White House Lowers Flags to Half Staff for Chattanooga Victims

By on 7.21.15 | 1:32PM

President Obama has finally ordered that the White House flags be lowered to half-staff in memory and honor of the five servicemen killed last week in Chattanooga. The U.S. Capitol flags were lowered earlier this morning.

The President also issued a statement:

Our thoughts and prayers as a Nation are with the service members killed last week in Chattanooga. We honor their service. We offer our gratitude to the police officers and first responders who stopped the rampage and saved lives. We draw strength from yet another American community that has come together with an unmistakable message to those who would try and do us harm: We do not give in to fear. You cannot divide us. And you will not change our way of life.

The move comes after much criticism over the past five days, noting that the White House had lowered the flags for other shooting victims, including those who perished at Ft. Hood, and for a number of celebrities, including Whitney Houston. 

Lindsey Graham to Donald Trump: Stop Being a Jackass; UPDATED: Trump Releases Graham’s Cell Number

By on 7.21.15 | 11:29AM

UPDATE: So that happened:

Needless to say, please don't call it.


Perhaps the best part of the "Donald Flub" from over the weekend, is that it's drawn out a number of pots who should not be calling the kettle a "jackass." 

The latest Republican Presidential candidate to wade into the debate over Trump's commentary on John McCain's military service is Lindsey Graham, who cautioned the current Republican frontrunner that he's starting to sound like like the rear end of a donkey. He would know, I suppose, since Lindsey Graham is, well, the king of...you know.

After Trump undermined the military service of Graham's longtime colleague Sen. John McCain, Graham had a clear message for his GOP rival.

"I don't care if he drops out. Stay in the race, just stop being a jackass," Graham said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning."

After Chattanooga Shooting, Obama Hits Links, NYC

By on 7.20.15 | 1:17PM

Last Thursday, four Marines and a US Navy Petty Officer were murdered in a shocking attack of domestic terrorism, when a gunman opened fire first on a military recruitment center and then at a military base, where he was shot dead in a firefight with police. Authorities have released the name of the shooter, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, but have yet to formally determine a motive. They are focusing on Abdulazeez's diary, a text message he sent to a friend before he began his shooting spree, and a trip that Abdulazeez took to Jordan last year, as well as Abdulazeez's history with depression and alleged physical abuse

Are You Ready for Chillary Clinton?

By on 7.20.15 | 12:03PM

While the left was eating its own at Netroots Nation in a three-way war for attention, Hillary Clinton was sitting out the annual gathering of progressive agitators in favor of a relaxing weekend, recording videos about beer koozies. 

America, are you Ready for Chillary? Because she's ready for you.

The "Chillary" beer koozie is for sale on the Clinton campaign website, for a mere $10 for a set of two. 

You can apparently be the "coolest" (har!) person at the party with your Chillary canteen. Because nothing says "I'm really with it!" like your overt support for a septugenarian retread candidate from the mid-1990s. 


Donald Trump Hits at John McCain’s Service Record, Presumptively Implodes

By on 7.20.15 | 11:23AM

Even though his sudden uptick in the polls had me a little queasy, there was something inherently valuable about a Donald Trump candidacy: he made all of the other fourteen (fifteen?) candidates look sane and normal by comparison. I can't say with any honesty, like Jeffery Lord, that Trump was "speaking truth to power" with his bizarre, rambling speeches, but I can say that, for a campaign that has now started almost two years out, he's a brief, if challenging bit of entertainment.

This weekend, though, he went off the proverbial "deep end," wasting any legitimacy his campaign had on a quip about, of all people, John McCain. 

Donald J. Trump has made his name in politics with provocative statements, but it was not until Saturday, after the flamboyant businessman turned presidential candidate belittled Senator John McCain’s war record, that many Republicans concluded that silence or equivocation about Mr. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric was inadequate.

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The Donald Battles the Establishment

By 7.20.15

John McCain is a war hero. Period.

Unless, of course, he’s a threat to Democrats and Barack Obama — as he was in September of 2008 as the Republican nominee for president. Then the man whose honor is suddenly being defended by outraged Establishment figures from both parties and the media was no longer a war hero. No, back there in the fall of 2008 McCain was being savaged as a mean SOB with an uncontrollable temper — a man who threatened to physically strike a wheelchair-bound, oxygen-dependent mother of a missing Vietnam serviceman. When he wasn’t busy causing another woman to be slammed into a wall. And that’s all well aside from using a Senate hearing to torment a third woman — a witness for the families of missing servicemen — with such open prosecutorial-style contempt that the woman was reduced to tears.