Greece Goes Diva at the G7 Summit

By on 6.8.15 | 3:31PM

Like a spoiled teenager after being told she can’t have that Louis Vuitton purse, Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, sits sulking in the corner at G7 summit and refuses to negotiate other matters in depth until he receives a debt settlement deal that meets his standards.

As reported by the Guardian, Tsipras has been trying to finalize a €7 billion bailout agreement from Europe and the International Monetary Fund for months. With Greece’s creditor’s placing strict conditions on any deals, Greece has refused to accept any of the offers and has remained distant at recent meetings. 

Tsipras’s inactive position has caused European commission president Jean-Claude Junker to confront Tsipras in a press conference, accusing him of undermining negotiations over new terms for a bailout and of effectively lying to the Greek parliament.

Juncker continued his venting session about Tsipras later in his interview with the Guardian, saying:

Obama Admin Still Working on ISIS Strategy

By on 6.8.15 | 3:21PM

Almost a year ago, the President stood in front of America following a breakdown of strategy in Syria, dressed in a tan suit - even though tan suits are reserved only for tropical climates and men with cell phone holsters and yellow Corvettes - and assured us that he was working on a way to upend ISIS. He had a couple of rounds of golf to get off his plate and then he was going to get right to it.

Here we are a year later and the G7 has made handling the threat of ISIS a hot topic - especially now that Europe has felt the sting of terrorist attacks. The President, speaking on the subject this morning, wanted to make sure everyone knows that he's, well...he's still working on it.


ISIS Learns the Hard Way Not to Take Selfies

By on 6.8.15 | 12:45PM

ISIS has been widely credited, perhaps wrongfully, as having a stellar social media strategy. One friend, oddly enough, was even the target of their ire for an ill-placed dog photo with a hashtag they were trying to hack. For hours one afternoon, she was cleaning out and blocking terrorist after terrorist as they shared and reshared her doggy pic, as it went viral across the Middle East for no discernable reason.

At any rate, ISIS is, apparently, the product of the #Selfie generation. Only they haven't, it seems, grasped the concept of the "location services" widely available on social media platforms, which tag your photos with all sorts of metadata including, but not limited to, your exact location. Fortuantely for intelligence gatherers, as ISIS proudly snaps photos of their own smiling mugs without shutting off their GPS, they're providing very accurate data to coalition forces, which are now using ISIS's #selfie habit to blow them to smithereens

OPSEC isn't the Islamic State group's strong suit.

Clintons Gave NYT Foundation $100K, Got Endorsement

By on 6.8.15 | 12:33PM

As it turns out, Clinton cash doesn't just flow one way. 

While the Clintons were desperately trying to court donors and contributors to their family foundation, which, in essence, funded only their family (and, of course, it appears, reshuffled Hillary's State Department priorities), they were also doling out favors. And not just to tinpot dictatorships with business before Congress, either. According to a report from the Free Beacon, the Clinton's little-known private non-profit seems to have been a pay-to-play arm going the other way, as evidenced by a transaction between the appropriately-titled Clinton Family Foundation and the New York Times's charitable arm - which just so happened to coincide with a very important endorsement.

New York Times Worried Marco Rubio Has Too Many Speeding Tickets UPDATE: Hit Piece from David Brock?

By on 6.5.15 | 10:58AM

UPDATE: The Free Beacon now has evidence that the hard-hitting Marco Rubio-gets-four-tickets was placed in the NYT's hands by Media Matters and Hillary Clinton surrogate David Brock's opposition research organization American Bridge. According to Miami Dade county's visitor logs, two researchers from American Bridge pulled Rubio's records on May 26.

Bernie Sanders Wants to Spend $5B to Employ One Million Young People

By on 6.4.15 | 2:24PM

There's something you have to admire about Bernie Sanders: when he commits to something, he commits all the way. While most of is ideas might be half-baked at best, his belief in his own intellectual superiority and the superiority of his ideas, even though the Soviet Union tried them once and ended up collapsing under the weight of its own incompetence, is absolutely not tarnished in any way by the winds of reality. He is absolutely 100% Bernie Sanders. 

Lincoln Chafee Is All About the Metric System

By on 6.4.15 | 2:01PM

We tried this once. It was a disaster because this is America and dammit, we're not going to submit to a ridiculous European system of weights and measures just because some pantywaists can't stomach gallons and miles. We'd given up on European superiority around the same time we had to traverse an ocean to win a World War they got us into. The second time.

But, apparently, some of us have yet to let go of the dream of converting a country of 300 million highway exit signs to kilometers, in order to appease our European betters. Its not enough that we've already subjected them to the potential fallout from a nuclear accident or forced their crumbling healthcare system to set our Secretary of State's leg after a bicycle accident, now Lincoln Chafee is demanding that we conform to their ridiculous mathematical ideas, too and in the unlikely event he becomes President, he'll do it, too. 

Hillary Clinton Takes On Voter ID Laws

By on 6.4.15 | 11:35AM

Hillary Clinton has taken an sudden and unquenchable interest in voters' rights.

Now, it's not that voter rights isn't an important issue. It is. In Chicago, we have such an expansive view of voter rights that your status as a zombie is absolutely immaterial. Across the country, the battle between Voter ID requirements and the Motor Voter law which makes it almost impossible to police for voter fraud, has been raging since the late 2000s, and with some success. Republican states, many on the east coast, have established voter identification laws which require a state-issued form of ID to process a matching ballot. For Democrats, this is both threatening and an excellent PR angle with which to hammer Republicans over minority voting rights, claiming that state IDs are expensive and difficult to obtain, especially when you are on a restrictive or part-time work schedule and rely on public transportation.

Rick Perry Is Also Running for President Again

By on 6.4.15 | 10:38AM

I have three reasons you'll be excited to hear that Rick Perry is running for President. One, Texas. Two, glasses. Three...ummm...there's definitely a third one but I can't remember it right now. 

It may, in fact, be the endless supply of terrible jokes produced by his first run for President in 2012. 

At any rate, Rick Perry is back for a second round and this time he promises not only to do better debate prep, but to inspire hope to believe in and change to count on. He's going to be compassionate yet tough, informative yet whimsical, intelligent yet accessible. He's leaving the cowboy boots back in 2012, and embracing the hipster glasses with all his might. And by golly, he's ready for you to jump on this bandwagon and join him.

Four years after his first presidential campaign was crushed by the weight of his debate gaffe and stump speech mishaps, the governor who spent 14 years presiding over Texas is launching his second bid for the Republican nomination on Thursday.

Blinken Confident to a Fault When Sizing up ISIS

By on 6.3.15 | 3:25PM

With ISIS recently gaining key cities within Iraq, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has asked for support from the 25 countries in the coalition. According to the Washington Post, he said they “are not getting it.” 

Despite the apparent cries from Iraq, the United States has decided to stick with it’s current strategy, only increasing the intensity. Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken was confident that the Islamic State would fall. As Blinken said to the Washington Post on Tuesday:

“We will redouble our efforts,” said Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who was leading the delegation after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a cycling accident in eastern France over the weekend. IS, Blinken said, “stands for nothing and depends on people who will fall for anything.”