They See Greg Abbott Rollin’, They Hatin’

By on 10.28.14 | 2:15PM

By the weekend, I fully believe that someone in the Wendy Davis campaign (or at least affiliated with the campaign) will announce that Greg Abbott is not actually paralyzed, but has been using the wheelchair as a prop since the mid-1980s to garner sympathy for his oppressive Republican positions, not merely just as a way of hypocritcally punishing the disabled of Texas by supporting tort reform (even though Abbott himself didn't take any of the punitive damages he sought to limit). 

After all, they have pretty much nowhere else to go. On Friday, at a Wendy Davis rally in Pflugerville, Texas, a charming state representative named Dawnna Dukes attached Greg Abbott for his dastardly habit of having to "roll around" everywhere.

To wit:

“And then we have this guy who kind of just rolls around thinking that he can get tort reform for himself but take it away from everybody else in the state of Texas."

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Hillary Clinton Totally Thinks Businesses Create Jobs Now

By on 10.28.14 | 12:58PM

This weekend, Hillary Clinton, who is trying valiantly to distance herself from Barack Obama's policies in anticipation of an inevitable 2016 run, decided to air her thoughts on "trickle-down economics" and ended up telling a gathered crowd of Massachusetts Democrats that corporations and businesses don't create jobs

Now, it's not as though anyone who already didn't like Hillary Clinton was somehow swayed by the statement, as ill-advised and ill-constructed as it was. As we've learned in the first leg of her national speaking circuit, Hillary Clinton barely even needs to appear in B-roll on the news to watch her negatives fly. But Clinton herself was concerned enough about the coverage her statement got that yesterday evening, she tried to iron everything out. She didn't succeed. But she tried.

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Bush Family Gears Up for “Presidential Nominee Jeb”

By on 10.27.14 | 11:25AM

This morning, Aaron comforted us all with the thought of Scott Walker 2016 (provided he wins re-election next week), but because I'm a horrible person who can't let you all rest in peace on a Monday, I feel obligated to warn you that, according to the New York Times, the Bush family rallied recently to begin preparations for Jeb 2016

“No question,” Jeb Jr. said in an interview, “people are getting fired up about it — donors and people who have been around the political process for a while, people he’s known in Tallahassee when he was governor. The family, we’re geared up either way.” Most important, he added, his mother, Columba, the prospective candidate’s politics-averse wife, has given her assent.

Within the family, the top cheerleaders have been George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, both of whom know something about running for president, and both of whom have an interest in perpetuating, if not redeeming, the family legacy.

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Craig Shirley, Laura Ingraham on Reagan’s Time for Choosing

By on 10.24.14 | 9:04AM

Craig Shirley and Laura Ingraham have written a superb piece in the Los Angeles Times on the Reagan Time for Choosing speech 

Among the important points the two made was this:

… Yet in the face of the failed big-government Republicanism of recent history and the failed collectivism of the Democratic Party, men like Jeb Bush say the country and the GOP need to move past the “nostalgia” for Reaganism’s heyday. A top Republican consultant, Ford O'Connell, recently wrote: “Ronald Reagan is dead. Accept it. The Reagan fixation is a drag on the future.”

So what are the Bush Republicans missing? Reagan's New Federalism was the most successful governing philosophy of the 20th century, and that includes the New Deal, which never did solve the Depression. Only the Lend-Lease program and our entry into World War II did that. New Federalism was certainly more successful than the Great Society.

Reaganism is not about Reagan, who often said,“Don’t trust me, trust yourself.” He believed in the individual over the state.

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Will Michelle Obama Run for Senate?

By on 10.23.14 | 4:14PM

A few months ago, there were rumors that the Obamas were going to move back to Chicago after they finished their tenure in the White House so that they could prepare Michelle to pick up the dynasty's reins with a run for Senate against Mark Kirk in 2016. As promising as that sounds to all of us in the Windy City (because who can't get enough of people who barely served our population before we sent them to Washington?), it soon became clear that no one with the Obama name would be inflicting themselves on any rust-belt states anytime soon. Plus, when Presidents consider retirement homes, they don't usually select them in places they can only golf three months out of the year.

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Political Hay

And There They Go Again — Liberals Play the Race Card

By 10.23.14

There they go again indeed, right on schedule. From MSNBC to the Georgia Senate election to a memo from an ex-Obama pollster, the age-old race card has reared its ugly head again.

The difference this time? An increasing number of Americans, some of them prominent, are calling out the perpetrators.

Let’s start with MSNBC. Take a look at this from Bill O’Reilly who opened his Fox show the other night with a clip from — where else? — Chris Matthews’s Hardball. As Matthews sits on-camera quietly sipping something from a cup during a discussion on Ebola and ISIS, MSNBC regular Howard Fineman, once upon a time of the late Newsweek and now of the Huffington Post, calmly plays the race card. “Can I mention race here?” Fineman asks Matthews, who of course answers in the affirmative: “You may.” And off they go:

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Wendy Davis Says Greg Abbott Hates Sex Toys

By on 10.21.14 | 12:59PM

Common sense - even in politics where it isn't so common - would dictate that once you get into a hole, you stop digging. But Wendy Davis has never been accused of having common sense in her political strategy, unless, of course, as I suspect, her candidacy is an elaborate prank pulled on the people of Texas, and she is actually a middle-aged actress from southern California hired by Funny or Die

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Political Hay

A Time for Choosing at 50

By 10.21.14

October 27, 1964. Fifty years ago. It was a Tuesday night, one week from election day. As the Johnson-Goldwater campaign wound to its end, with Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society liberalism he was championing poised to win in a landslide over GOP nominee Senator Barry Goldwater, Americans turned on their television sets to see one last political commercial. They quickly discovered a very familiar face in a very unfamiliar setting.

Actor Ronald Reagan, longtime movie and TV star, newly the host and occasional star of Death Valley Days, a weekly TV series based on the old West, was introduced by an off-screen voice for a “thoughtful address” sponsored by the Goldwater campaign. Suddenly, there was actor Reagan (here) standing behind a bunting-draped podium in front of a live audience. Within seconds, Reagan was on his way to changing American history. He began as follows:

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Barack Obama Doesn’t Want to be on the Supreme Court

on 10.20.14 | 3:07PM

In case you were wondering whether noted Constitutional Law professor Barack Obama had designs on joining the Supreme Court once he's out of office - and who wasn't? - the Commander-in-Chief reassured the New Yorker's Jeffrey Toobin that he would prefer a role that afforded him more free time

As Marine One thundered overhead, about to land on the White House lawn and take Obama to a series of political fund-raisers, I asked him if, like William Howard Taft, he entertained thoughts of serving as a judge later in his career. “When I got out of law school, I chose not to clerk,” he said. “Partly because I was an older student, but partly because I don’t think I have the temperament to sit in a chamber and write opinions.” But he sounded tempted by the idea.

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White House Appoints Ron Klain Ebola Czar

By on 10.17.14 | 12:35PM

Well, thank heavens. The White House has appointed a lawyer, political consultant and investment firm general counsel as our new Ebola Czar, the person in charge of managing and coordinating America's response to Ebola nationwide.

President Barack Obama will appoint Ron Klain his "Ebola czar," knowledgeable sources tell CNN...

The president on Thursday signaled his openness to the idea to have one individual coordinating the entire federal response to any threat of an outbreak in the United States.

A former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and also to then-Vice President Al Gore, Klain is currently President of Case Holdings and General Counsel of Revolution, an investment group. He has clerked for the U.S. Supreme Court and headed up Gore's effort during the 2000 Florida recount and was portrayed in the HBO movie Recount by Kevin Spacey. He could not be reached for comment on Friday.

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