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on 9.16.15 | 3:49PM

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The Morning Spectacle: The Great Debate

By on 9.16.15 | 4:00AM

This is a big day, guys. Tonight, we find out which Americas Got Talent contestants go to the final round.

Also, there is a debate.

In Our Sights

He'll be facing down an angry Jeb Bush and a motivated Carly Fiorina, but Donald Trump is already at least one step ahead of his debate competition. Tuesday night, The Donald earned the coveted Gary Busey endorsement.

The Obama campaign used behavioral data extensively to micro-target potential voters. Just in time for him to pass it on to the next slate of Democrats, Barack Obama has, reportedly, established a "Federal Social and Behavioral Sciences Team" to collect and experiment with behavioral data in order to make government function more efficiently. What could possibly go wrong?

Hillary Clinton Wants to End Campus Assault, Believe Victims Without Question

By on 9.15.15 | 2:31PM

Hillary Clinton is channeling her "inner woman warrior" for her college speeches now, entertaining and inspiring the one audience who, because of their complete lack of memories from the 1990s, is still firmly in her court.

Yesterday, at a rally at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Clinton had some tough words for anyone who would question the possible victim of a campus sexual assault, even though many of the most public examples of campus rape have been called into question by multiple sources in the media and beyond (including Rolling Stone's bizarre fraternity gang-rape story and the tale of the "Mattress Girl" from NYU). She remarked that any "victim" has a "right to be heard and a right to be believed."

But policy details aside, Clinton, speaking at a “Women for Hillary” event heavy on college students at the University of Northern Iowa, sought to portray herself as an ally and advocate of victims of college sexual assault— a group that a recent Washington Post survey found includes an estimated one in five women.

Bernie Sanders’s Plan For America to Cost $18 Trillion

By on 9.15.15 | 1:00PM

I mentioned this in the Morning Spectacle, but I feel like it deserves more attention. 

Bernie Sanders does nothing but promise free stuff to people. That's his whole gig. Free school, free healthcare, free day care. Basically free everything. It's a free paradise! He'll happily tax the rich to the hilt in order to make certain that no one with a five-figure income will ever have to shell out a single dollar for anything ever again. They may have to wait in line like good members of the proletariat, but that should be of no concern for such a dedicated slate of workers. After all, socialism has worked so well for so many, how could it possibly go wrong this time?

As the great Margaret Thatcher once said, socialism only works until you run out of other people's money. And at the rate Bernie Sanders would spend, he'd run out of money before they'd swept up all the confetti from the inauguration. His whole plan, from top to bottom, would have a totally reasonable price tag of a mere $18 trillion.

The Morning Spectacle: Missing You

By on 9.15.15 | 10:33AM

Keep on keeping on, guys.

In Our Sights

The last two months have brought nothing but woe for Hillary Clinton, who has been mercilessly ravaged in the polls, now dropping below 50% for the first time. Even worse? Hillary Clinton seems to be losing support among her core demographic: women who don't know better.

For Bernie Sanders, a "domestic policy," just means "giving a lot of stuff to people for free." But socialism only works until you run out of other people's money.  And with a whopping $18 trillion dollar cost for all of his "free programs," he'll run out of money pretty quickly.

Special Report

Ronald and The Donald

By 9.15.15

From the Reagan Library, Simi Valley, California

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. As no two human souls are alike, Reagan and Trump are, of course, completely different men.

Wandering around this beautiful tribute to my former boss stirs the memories. Along with so many Reagan colleagues I was here the day the Library opened. There were five presidents here that day of November 4, 1991 — Nixon, Ford, Carter, the sitting president George H.W. Bush, plus, of course, the man himself Ronald Reagan. Lady Bird Johnson represented the late President Johnson, and as I recall John F. Kennedy Jr. and possibly sister Caroline were there as well. 

Yet as Donald Trump and his competitors gather here for Wednesday night’s debate hosted by CNN (and yes, full disclosure, I am a CNN commentator) perhaps the most stirring memory of the opening day celebrating the life and legacy of President Reagan is of a speech by someone else entirely. Actor Charlton Heston spoke on that opening day. And in that wonderfully deep voice that had made him such a legendary presence on the movie screen, Heston took time to say this:

Joe Biden Courting Obama Bundlers in NYC

By on 9.14.15 | 1:17PM

Joe Biden was in NYC last week, appearing on an inaugural episode of Late Night With Stephen Colbert, where Colbert not-so-subtly asked whether Biden was ready to seek his party's nomination for 2016. Actually, that's putting it mildly. Colbert all but offered up the Late Night platform for Joe Biden to outline the focus of his candidacy and beg for money (though, admittedly, the interview was pretty good).

Biden may have been cagey about his potential Presidential campaign on television, but he was far from elusive with former Obama donors, if rumors of some last-minute "schedule additions" are to be believed. The Veep's trip was a packed 28 hours - enough to talk to Colbert, and appear at rallies with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Governor Andrew Cuomo, and deliver the official remarks at Ground Zero in honor of September 11th -but he reportedly made room to meet with Robert Wolf, CEO of UBS Americas and a big-time Obama bundler in both of Obama's election cycles.

Carly Fiorina Gets the Best of Trump With “Faces” Campaign Speech

By on 9.14.15 | 11:32AM

Republican candidates have been struggling to get the "one over" on Donald Trump since he stepped into the race. Typically, the Donald doesn't worry too much about insulting his fellow potential nominees, because the ensuing struggle usually favors him, as it did over the weekend with Bobby Jindal, who got down into the mud to tangle with Trump over his stature - and Trump ended up loving it, especially the part where they traded snarky barbs on social media.

His mess with Carly Fiorina, however, has been more difficult to clean up. Although people are racing to Trump's defense, the general sentiment is that Trump's attack was personal and small-minded, surprisingly unbecoming of someone who is supposed to be a terrific communciator. Sure, we know what he thinks of women - his occasional, pre-Millennial sexism is a hallmark of his quasi-boorish persona - but this is a higher-level competition and she's a high-level competitor. 

The Morning Spectacle: Monday, Monday

By on 9.14.15 | 10:33AM

Welcome to the week, Spectators! Did you enjoy the better weather?

In Our Sights

Everyone is preparing for the debate this week, but Jeb Bush is studying extra hard - not to deflect questions about his history on education policy or his stance on immigration reform. He's rehearsing his answers to possible Donald Trump insults.

Freedomworks held their "Grassroots Summit" this past weekend, and at the end of the weekend, conducted a straw poll that one candidate ran away with, almost thirty percentage points ahead of the next candidate. No, it wasn't Trump. It was Ted Cruz.

Never Forget

By on 9.11.15 | 11:11AM

On this 14th anniversary of the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks, we at The American Spectator would like to honor the lives and memories of those who perished. Let us never forget what we lost and continue to pray and work for a brighter future in freedom.

Never forget.