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The Scalise Mess and the GOP Insider Culture

By 1.6.15

(Editor's note: This article has been corrected.)

Shocker. The GOP establishment has dropped the ball. Again. Steve Scalise, the House majority whip, has attracted to himself and his party the charge of racism. The charge is bogus. Yet the fact is that Mr. Scalise brought this on himself for hanging in the presence of Kenneth Knight, a top aide to the one-time Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Knight also contributing $1,000 to Scalise’s campaign.

Now making the news is a poll, featured over there at Heritage’s Daily Signal, that reveals a stunning lack of confidence by the GOP base in Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. That poll — and Scalise’s problem — are merely different sides of the same mess. Each man has illustrated vividly that he is, at the core, about wielding power and influence in Washington.

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Greg Abbott Ordered 4 Tons of Brisket For His Inauguration

By on 1.5.15 | 5:39PM

Greg Abbott will be sworn in as Texas's new governor next week, and by all accounts, he's ready.

That's a lot of meat. 

The brisket will, apparently, be available for public consumption next Tuesday after the inauguration ceremony. You can purchase a plate with all the fixin's (no "g" because this is Texas) for a mere $10. If you'd like to shell out a bit more than that, you can attend the Inaugural Ball for a mere $75. Entertainment includes a performance by Lady Antebellum.

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Watch Chris Christie Lose the Michigan GOP Primary

By on 1.5.15 | 1:25PM

Never mind the other consequences of this video. Just enjoy the unqualifed awkwardness of the moment Chris Christie group-hugs away his chances at winning Michigan's 2016 GOP Primary with the Dallas Cowboys leadership team.

I'm not going to philosophize over the NFL officiating that lead to the Cowboys victory, though I have to say, they do seem to know who throws the best bus parties. As a lifelong Lions fan, I expect to be disappointed in the post-season, if not the regular season, and the pre-season, and that part of the year where the entire team is golfing in Florida instead of working out. And had the Lions showed up for their game last night, officiating might not have even mattered. My only concern is that now I have to root for Green Bay next week, and that Jeb Bush is the only front-runner with state management experience.

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If Huckabee Runs, We All Lose

By on 1.5.15 | 12:08PM

Aaron is much more conciliatory toward, and much less overtly terrified at the thought of a Mike Huckabee Presidential campaign. I do not share his remarkable confidence that our esteemed electorate will not happily embrace the guitar-toting Southern progressive with what is left of their hearts and minds after a long and arduous primary season.

People, let's be real. Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum for that matter, aren't really Republicans. I mean, as a RINO heathen, I can obviously spot another of my species, and these two are it, though, while I'm teetering on the edge of full social anarchy, these two are the type of moderate Democrat who thinks that it would be totally appropriate to pass out a national survey on sex lives and nutritional habits, and then follow up with state-mandate counseling sessions if you so much as mentioned a Lover's Lane catalog or a preference for chicken nuggets. And while I ascribe to Rick Santorum's traditionalist Catholic religious beliefs, I can't honestly say I support someone who would create that much paperwork.

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Boehner Faces Challengers for Speaker, Sort Of

By on 1.5.15 | 11:57AM

I had a bit of fun over the weekend on Twitter teasing people who were absolutely convinced that Rep. Louie Gohmert was going to unseat Rep. John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Because honestly, while I can't stand John Boehner any more than, well, the next person who can't stand John Boehner, it's unlikely that any real challenge to his leadership, launched on Friday for an election on Tuesday, is anything more than a publicity stunt. And while Louie Gohmert may be skilled at instructing the administration to keep their aspersions off his asparagus, he's not quite what I'd consider leadership material, at least in Congress. In a game of Capture the Flag against ISIS, I'd elect him in a heartbeat.

But, despite House Leadership being mostly settled back in November, it seems we will still be in for something of a fight tomorrow

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Harry Reid Broke His Face (And Some Ribs)

By on 1.2.15 | 4:19PM

Harry Reid is no longer allowed to exercise by himself at home.

Apparently, after sustaining a serious injury in his home gym (for a second time), the Senate Democratic leader was rushed to a hospital near his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was quickly diagnosed with several facial fractures and a few broken ribs. 

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid is in a Las Vegas hospital following injuries sustained while exercising at home.

A statement issued Friday by Reid's office said doctors expect a "full recovery."

"A piece of equipment Senator Reid was using to exercise broke, causing him to fall and break a number of ribs and bones in his face," according to the statement. "Senator Reid will return to Washington this weekend and be in the office Tuesday as the Senate prepares to reconvene."

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Wendy Davis Stuck to Her Guns And Regrets It Now

By on 1.2.15 | 1:12PM

I have to say that I truly missed Wendy Davis for the two seconds she was out of the media cycle. Everyone else since then has been so boring. Where before it was hapless campaign appearances and poorly concieved fundraising emails, lately it's just been cranky old white supremacists and Bill de Blasio. 

Thankfully, Wendy, who insists that her 20-point loss to Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot was a mere misunderstanding, and that her campaign was a watershed moment for Democrats in the south, keeps doing interviews, as though there were some way to rectify all of her mistakes. So in the midst of a slow couple of weeks, we find out that, while Wendy Davis is proud for having stuck to her guns during her campaign, she does, ironically, regret having stuck to her guns during her campaign. Or, at least her support of open carry

"I don't live in the world of regret," Davis said in the exclusive interview – her first sit-down interview since the election – when asked whether she had any regrets about her campaign.

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Steve Scalise Might Have Just Been a Victim of Bad Hotel Records

By on 12.31.14 | 2:04PM

Here's a lesson for you, all you aspiring politicos. When you didn't do something, don't admit to it. Also, when scheduling your candidate to appear in hotel ballrooms, check the rest of the hotel's schedule. And for that matter, unless you're enjoying the culture, music and potent potables of New Orleans, just stay the hell out of Louisiana. Even if you're from there. 

Although, yesterday, it was rather clear that Steve Scalise had given a keynote address to a room full of Neo-Nazi continental breakfast afficianados, today, it seems that he might have merely been the victim of bad hotel record keeping. According to Kenny Knight, the white supremacist who organized the annual "EURO Convention," Steve Scalise wasn't actually on the schedule for the event itself. Instead, Scalise spoke to a group of community activists that Knight also organizes, and which Scalise also happened to be a part of, but who are less "White Power" and more "Tuesday Night Bingo."

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Obama Admin Publishes 1200 New Regs Ahead of New Year

By on 12.31.14 | 12:37PM

Happy New Year's Eve! 

Okay, so yes,  I know a lot of you are still busy writing me hate mail from yesterday. But before we end our year on the wrong note, let's remember who the real problem is here. And I don't mean every journalist who has taken the opportunity presented by Steve Scalise to encourage David Duke to re-enter the cultural gestalt. Tonight, while you're too busy getting wasted on cheap champagne and arguing with your Uber driver over surge pricing to notice, the Obama Administration will be busily printing up and presenting 1200 new regulations for Congressional approval

The Obama administration is cramming like a college student trying to study for a final exam, publishing more than 1,200 new regulations in the last 15 days alone, according to data from Regulations.gov.

Energy and environment rules are the biggest category, with 139 published by the federal government in the last 15 days, according to Regulations.gov.

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Grimm to Resign, Scalise is Hanging On

By on 12.30.14 | 12:18PM

Hey guys! What'd I miss? Anything exciting? I mean other than Barack Obama's golf game forcing a military couple to move their wedding? 

In the spirit of Christmas, I'm not even going to rag on that. It was his staff's fault, not his; they're the ones who should have known better. He called to apologize. And if you got married in the row of Dumpsters at K-bay, it would still be beautiful. Plus, it's not like our President doesn't have a deep and unrelenting need for space. He's a busy man, people. He's only been golfing 25 times this year.

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