Major Scoop in Mother Jones Claims Ted Cruz Was Once a Lawyer

By on 4.9.15 | 12:34PM

I'm so glad the world has David Corn of Mother Jones. Without him, how would we get the most pressing and important information on our Republican Presidential candidates? After all, it's not everyone who can read Wikipedia and use Google so masterfully.

This week, we learn from our intrepid reporter that not only is Ted Cruz an attorney, but he also once represented clients

Iran Says American Nuke Deal Fact Sheet is “Wrong on Most Issues”

By on 4.9.15 | 11:44AM

They may have closed a deal just in time for John Kerry to gear up for windsurfing season in Nantucket, but the "framework" that's supposed to be the foundational element of the Iranaian nuclear deal seems to still be up for debate.

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Bill Buckley Was Right: America in the Grip of the Liberal Mania

By 4.9.15

The list grows longer.

The three most recent entries the Rolling Stone rape-at-the-University of Virginia story. Ferguson and the “hands up don’t shoot” business. Indiana and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 

From cries of “racist!” to shrieks of “rapist” (to borrow from Kevin Williamson over there at National Review) over and over and over again liberals — liberals in the media and out of it — are repeatedly plunging the country into manic frenzies over stories that eventually turn out to be flat out false or in serious dispute at best.

Why is this? 

Ted Cruz Raises $31M in One Week

By on 4.8.15 | 4:05PM

Not content to let Rand Paul have all the headlines this week, today Ted Cruz revealed that his controversial decision to forgo an "exploratory committe" because, honestly, who in the hell even cares about those anyway(?), was a rapid and resounding succcess. 

With just one week, a handful of fundraising emails, two YouTube videos, one functioning website and a metric ton of stock photography under his belt, Ted Cruz has managed to raise a whopping $31 million from individuals and SuperPACs. 

Ted Cruz’s presidential effort is getting into the shock-and-awe fundraising business.

An associate of the Texas senator, a recently announced presidential candidate, tells Bloomberg that a cluster of affiliated super-political action committees was formed only this week, and among them they are expected to have $31 million in the bank by Friday.

Rand Paul Tells Reporters to Ask the DNC About Abortion

By on 4.8.15 | 3:41PM

Obviously, the DNC and Planned Parenthood are choosing to attack Rand Paul on abortion because they believe that recognizing the inherent rights of all humanity — and not just born humanity — goes against the notion of supporting individual liberty. After all, what says "individual liberty" more than exercising your right to vacuum the "products of conception" out of your womb right up until the baby arrives, screaming, into the world?

Ugh, whatever. I'm getting carried away. But seriously, this morning, after Rand Paul answered a question from the Associated Press about his pro-life position and his subsequent support for "Personhood amendments," the DNC shot of an email chastizing Rand for having opened a new front in the #waronwomen. Obviously taking the clear orders from his betters, a New Hampshire television reporter parroted the DNC's talking points and tried to back Rand Paul into a corner over his views on abortion. His response probably won't make it into the next DNC missive.

Man Who Closed Deal With Iran Lectures Scott Walker on Foreign Policy Naivete

By on 4.7.15 | 12:16PM

Gov. Scott Walker commented, a few days ago, on President Obama's apparent unwillingness to accept the reality of dealing with Iranians, noting that, if the current "deal framework" becomes a current "deal," and somehow manages to pass Congress over Sen. Chuck Schumer's currently veto-proof majority, that Scott Walker himself, should he be elected to our nation's highest office, would immediately reverse the deal and send the Iranians packing. 

Rand Paul Launches Campaign With Awesome Swag

By on 4.7.15 | 11:16AM

About an hour ago, Sen. Rand Paul launched his Presidential campaign website, announcing that he plans to seek the Republican Party's nomination for the nation's highest office in 2016.

It's hardly a surprise; he released this video on his website on Sunday, touting his intention to run as a "New Republican Leader," but like everyone in the field, he has to finaly name it to attempt to claim it. He'll make the formal announcement around noon, EST, at a rally in his home state of Kentucky, and then he'll embark on the traditional early-primary state tour, swinging through New Hampshire and Iowa, where his dad won the primary in 2012, and finally through Nevada, where the Republicans are a tiny bit more libertarian than most (seriously, I met one once, at FreedomFest, that had a wolf as a pet. A wolf).

Hillary’s Hipster HQ Has Dem Mega-Donor Underwriter

By on 4.6.15 | 4:10PM

Hillary Clinton isn't cool, but like Barack Obama before her, she's not letting the Kleenex tucked up her sleeves and a few whiffs of Vicks Vap-O-Rub get in the way of constructing a "revolutionary" new image for her 2016 Presidential campaign out of whole cloth. Hillary, it seems, will get a makeover; gone are the scrunchies and high-waisted pantsuits of old and in their place is social media savvy, a team of communications experts, and a campaign HQ that's within spitting distance of at least four aritsan gelato places.

But even though, by outward appearances, Hip Hillary is on the scene and embracing the organic, handcrafted vegan latte and handlebar mustache lifestyle of trendy Brooklyn, the person finacing her move to NYC's outer limits is very familiar. He's a mega-rich mega donor who has been enjoying the perks of being a close Clinton crony since the days of the Lincoln Bedroom. 

Wilco Reverses, Will Play Indiana

By on 4.6.15 | 3:22PM

Late last week, Indiana cooked up a "fix" for it's Religious Freedom Restoration Act that declared definitively that people could not use the protections of the act to defend themselves when accused of discrimination in public accommodation. The fix closed a loophole created not by the RFRA itself, but because Indiana does not list "sexual orientation" as a protected characteristic in its public accommodation non-discrimination law. Now, if you live in a municipality that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, RFRA can't be used as a defense to that discrimination, but if you don't, well, nothing has changed.