Joe Biden Now Top Presidential Choice for 25% of Dems

By on 9.23.15 | 6:10PM

Joe Biden has finally cracked the ten point mark behind Hillary Clinton, and it's looking increasingly like he's the top choice for most Democrats.

Hillary Clinton has all but disappeared from public view of late, as the State Department and FBI continue their quest to glean every last email from her erstwhile bathroom server and Bernie Sanders has remained trapped in the indie concert circuit, so Joe has had plenty of time to ascend through the ranks. Even though the numbers seem to demonstrate that he's the candidate of "please just someone other than Hillary," his opportunity is looking sharper ever day

Clinton, once the prohibitive front-runner, is now the top choice of 33 percent of registered Democrats and those who lean Democrat, the poll shows. Biden places second with 25 percent and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is at 24 percent…

Obama Pledges to Pope to Support Religious Liberty

By on 9.23.15 | 2:36PM

This morning, Barack Obama welcomed Pope Francis to the White House, holding a joint press conference on the White House lawn before hosting a meet and greet with several thousand guests. As expected, the Pope didn't bring out the big guns on any open objection to Obama Administration policy - he is, after all, a global leader, and will probably restrict his suggestions on policymaking to tomorrow's address to Congress - but he did ask the President to take religious freedom seriously. 

The President, of course, didn't seem to quite understand the request.

Obama Selects Dissident Catholics, Anglican Bishop to Greet Pope at White House

By on 9.22.15 | 7:04PM

Pope Francis has landed on American soil and is working on a packed schedule, addressing Congress and receiving guests at the White House.

Although the Pope is a treasured guest - and his presence on American soil is an honor to American Catholics - the President, who has cited the Pope favorably on issues if Climate Change and foreign policy, hasn't been as conciliatory to the Pontiff in practice as he has been to other leaders. When Pope Francis visits the White House tomorrow, instead of being greeted by a bevy of high profile Catholic leaders, he'll be greeted by dissident nuns, an Anglican Bishop, leaders of pro-choice Catholic "social justice" organizations, LGBT activists and an Obamacare proponent.

South Park Takes on Social Justice Warriors, They Respond Predictably

By on 9.22.15 | 6:31PM

I haven't watched South Park in a while, but I made a point of catching the first episode of this season online. After all, there's nothing I enjoy more than a fabulous grilling of faux-compassionate social justice warriors. And I knew I could count on Trey Parker and Matt Stone to deliver

Now, while almost every group who has ever been lampooned on South Park has taken the insult-slash-honor in stride, social justice warriors...well...didn't. In fact, they spent hours of their life online, Tweeting and Facebooking over the unfairness of it all. They're just trying to make the world a better place, guys. What on Earth is so funny about making the world a better place?

This week’s season premiere slapped “social-justice warriors” — extremists out to police every word for bias.

“PC Principal” takes over the school attended by Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman, the four kids at the show’s heart.

Senate Democrats Halt 20-Week Abortion Ban

By on 9.22.15 | 4:27PM

Every so often, you hear a Senate Democrat lament that we are far behind the rest of the world because we are among only three countries that do not have mandatory maternity leave.

Well, it's apparent that they only look towards a global consensus for legislation when it's political convenient. After today's vote in the Senate, with Democrats blocking a ban on abortions performed after 20 weeks of gestation - the US remains one of only seven countries that allow so-called "partial birth abortions," and one of only four countries - China, North Korea, the US and Canada, that allow the barbaric practice of abortion up to the point of delivery. 

North Korea. 

Now there's a paragon of modernity and virtue in an otherwise chaotic and anachronistic world.

Trump Issues C&D To Opposition Over Attack Ad

By on 9.22.15 | 4:15PM

If there's one thing Donald Trump doesn't like, it's having his tactics thrown back into his face. 

This afternoon, the Trump campaign issued a cease and desist letter to the Club for Growth, over a political attack ad, touting Trump as "just another politician," rather than the "outside savior" persona he seems to have created for himself in his campaign for President. The ad is fairly convincing, though didn't seem to land much in the way of a blow when it landed sometime last week. But unfortunately for the Club for Growth, Donald Trump decided to challenge their premise that he was "just another politician," by abandoning the traditional crisis communications response in favor a puzzlingly litigious one.



September 21, 2015

By Federal Express

David McIntosh

The Club for Growth

A Tragic Day for a Friend — And How You Can Help

By on 9.21.15 | 7:21PM

Today, I am heartbroken.

My sweet friend, Mary Katherine Ham, lost her husband, Jake Brewer, in a tragic accident on Saturday, as he was attempting to finish a 150 mile charity bike ride. Jake, who had just taken a job as a technology adviser in the White House a few months ago, was crossing through a series of sharp turns when he lost control of his bike, crossed the center line and was hit by an oncoming vehicle. He leaves behind his wife, a daughter Georgia, a baby on the way, and a host of friends and family who loved him, and a world that was changed for the better because of him.

Yesterday, Mary Katherine wrote:

Clinton Watch

Obama Accused Hillary of ‘Labeling Him as a Muslim’

By 9.21.15

In a heated 2007 confrontation on a tarmac at Reagan National Airport in Washington, ex-Obama aide Reggie Love witnessed an irate Senator Barack Obama personally accuse Hillary Clinton of spreading a rumor that he was a Muslim. 

Love’s account was reported in the Washington Post in a January review of his book: Power Forward: My Presidential Education. The Post quotes Love as writing the story this way:


Trump and Liberal Hypocrisy

By 9.18.15

So some guy gets up at a New Hampshire Q&A and asks this of Donald Trump: “We have a problem in this country called Muslims. We know our current president is one. You know he’s not even an American.”

To which Trump replies, laughing: “We need this question?”

The man plows ahead, saying: “But anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. That’s my question: When can we get rid of them?”

Trump again: “We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things, and you know, a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening and we’re going to be looking at that and plenty of other things.”

Then… the deluge. OMG! Trump doesn’t stand up to some nitwit who says the President is a Muslim!

Stop. Stop stop Stop!!!!!!

Let me be blunt here.

Five Things You Need to Know About the Debates Last Night

By on 9.17.15 | 11:28AM

The man who can regurgitate everything did not win last night's America's Got Talent. In other news, there were two debates, pitting the fifteen remaining Republican candidates against each other in two separate battles royale lasting almost six hours of my life that I will never get back.

Since I watched it so you wouldn't have to (you can scroll through our debate live-blog a little further down in the Spectacle), here are five things you need to know about last night's debate.