Who Is Really Crazy, ‘End the Fed,’ or the Fed Itself?

By on 8.28.15 | 3:54PM

Caleb Howe is reporting live from the Jackson Hole Summit, a major financial summit that is attracting the world's greatest thinkers on money and economics. Look for Caleb's posts throughout the weekend.

On Friday morning at the Jackson Hole Summit, Judy Shelton of the Sound Money Project and Atlas Network spoke on the subject of the gold standard and addressed the perception that people who even dare to mention it are lunatics or, as The American Spectator noted earlier today, Quixotic. Shelton's presentation focused in the main on the numbers and the policies. Dr. Shelton pointed out that the Fed can't seem to face up to a simple, apparent, easily understood fact: Their policies aren't working.

Special Report

Happy Anniversary #GamerGate, Love Adam Baldwin

By 8.27.15

Today marks the one year anniversary of #GamerGate, an online phenomenon that has permanently altered the world of online journalism and the landscape of media ethics. It has had an impact, as well, on politics and public policy. For an introduction to #GamerGate, please see Mytheos Holt’s primer on #GamerGate from yesterday. Today we post a tribute from a Hollywood veteran of this freedom fight.

One year ago, I coined the hashtag #GamerGate on Twitter. I couldn’t have imagined then the controversy that would follow. Ever since, I’ve been near the center of an online conversation that's transforming an industry I’ve long admired, and worked within.

In helping to catalyze that conversation, my hopes turned to opening the eyes of young consumers: the people who help support the video game industry, as well as many careers in Hollywood. They’ve long been incredibly passionate, devoted friends and lovers of the art that we create — playgrounds where people can live out their dreams and aspirations after long days on the job. 

Carly Fiorina Celebrates “Women’s Equality Day” By Paying Women As Much As Men

By on 8.26.15 | 12:31PM

Feminists have long struggled with the concept of "equal pay." Although most social justice-y Gender Studies majors demand that 'equal pay' mean "totally, statistically equal," that standard is actually an impossible one to reach. Women choose different jobs from their male colleagues, often select less dangerous professions (which pay less than the more dangerous ones), work shorter hours and take breaks in the middle of their careers to raise children, and generally make different choices than men. Now, those choices might be the result of ingrained cultural norms, but the idea that women deliberately earn $.77 to every man's $1.00 because of blatant sexism in the workplace, has long been exposed as a myth - and not even a very good one. 

The Morning Spectacle: Tuesday’s Child

By on 8.25.15 | 4:00AM

Today is National Whiskey Sour Day, in case you needed reminding.

In Our Sights:

The White House would like to remind you that picking Joe Biden as VP over Hillary Clinton was an excellent political decision. Because now they're free to endorse Joe Biden for President over Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton maintains that her private email server was both entirely aboveboard and totally safe. Unfortunately, it was also a mystery to the Department of Homeland Security, which now claims the State Department never warned them that Clinton was sending classified love letters through an unsecured server in her basement.

Trump Says Heidi Klum “No Longer a 10”

By on 8.18.15 | 3:44PM

Never mind the immigrants, the latest person in Donald Trump's sights is Heidi Klum. 

According to a New York Times interview the Republican frontrunner did with Maureen Dowd (for some inexplicable reason), Donald Trump believes that Heidi Klum, a former Victoria's Secret angel and one of the world's most beautiful women, has lost some of her luster as of late. According to Donald, "she's no longer a 10."

Heidi, of course, thinks differently, and responded on Twitter...sans most of her shirt.



James Harrison Calls Time Out on “Participation Trophies”

By on 8.17.15 | 4:47PM

Nowadays, we aren't allowed to offend anyone's sensibilities with things like intellectual banter, or an offhand reference to a vague gender identity we may have been given at birth. Everyone is a very special butterfly, a unicorn worthy of adoration and praise. Differences are only to be celebrated when they confer an added benefit on a government reference chart, or when their very presence helps an entity qualify for additional grant money.

And so, was birthed, the "participation trophy." I didn't have these when I was a kid, but they've become wildly popular in the last decade or so, culminating, even, with the disbursement of a Nobel Peace Prize for "potential." Now, at least one parent - Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison - is fighting back. When his sons brought home "participation trophies" for their work as part of a sports team, he made them give the trophies back...but only after he wrote about it on Instagram.

Let “DJ POTUS” Soundtrack Your Summer

By on 8.17.15 | 4:33PM

Technically, summer's over. I mean, my Facebook timeline is packed to the gills with "back to school" photos that children clearly don't want to take but their parents see as necessary to catalogue, lest the kids one day require proof they went to third grade. But the boundaries of reality are never enough to stop President Obama from doing things like, inking nuclear deals with Iran or buying high-waisted denim, so why shouldn't the President's Spotfiy playlist be released on the last full weekend of beach season?

Caitlyn Jenner Under Fire for Being “Too Conservative” on Her Show

By on 8.3.15 | 6:38PM

There's a lesson in here about acceptance, somewhere, and its not the kind you're supposed to internalize while watching I am Cait, the reality show chronicling Bruce-now-Caitlyn Jenner's transgender journey.

Although she was, at one time (apparently), hailed as a pioneering force for trans-acceptance, and is, arguably, the first well-known figure to undergo a public transformation, Caitlyn Jenner, who has expressed very conservative views in the past, didn't change her perspective on politics when she underwent gender reassignment. And, since she remained a Republican through the process, she's now finding herself on the wrong end of the outrage spectrum. It turns out that the left will support you for any choice you make - even as you experience a "fluid" gender - unless that choice happens to be voting out of lockstep.

She has become a national icon of gender politics.

Planned Parenthood Tries to Shut Down Video Releases, CMP Releases Video #4 Anyway

By on 7.30.15 | 11:06AM

Last night, a court in California issued an emergency order barring the release of further Center for Medical Progress videos showing Planned Parenthood employees negotiating to provide baby parts to research facilities. StemExpress, the fetal stem cell research company, called for the order after discovering that they were part of one of CMP's "sting operation," having had lunch with what they now realize were CMP employees sometime last May. It remains to be seen whether CMP has done anything illegal (I doubt it), but I suppose it's possible StemExpress could suffer irreparable harm from the video broadcast — depending on what StemExpress said in the video. 

Must have been pretty bad

DOJ To Investigate Center for Medical Progress, Not Planned Parenthood

By on 7.23.15 | 12:32PM

Usually these sort of political investigations take weeks to get started, but when you're dealing with the Holy Cathedral of Feminism's ability to perform it's most important sacrament, I suppose the wheels of justice turn more swiftly. 

The Department of Justice, which has said nothing about looking into whether Planned Parenthood is engaging in what appears to be an illicit trade in baby parts - let's face it, if they were really just asking for "reimbursements," they wouldn't be haggling over the amounts - they announced this morning that they're going to be investigating the Center for Medical Progress, the organization that taped Planned Parenthood senior executives chatting about "less crunchy" alternatives to crushing aborted fetuses wholesale, while sipping on a nice Chianti and listening to the Glenn Miller Orchestra.