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No More Border Maps

By on 1.27.06 | 8:12AM

The Mexican government will no longer distribute border maps for illegal immigrants, reports the Washington Times. Despite U.S. action on the matter in recent days, the Mexico insists its decision was independent of outside pressure.

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The Votes Just Ain’t There

By on 1.27.06 | 7:49AM

California Yankee reports that at least nine Democrats will vote against a filibuster. The Filibuster from Massachusetts won't last long unless they can peel off from these nine.

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Kerry’s Fumble

By on 1.27.06 | 7:22AM

As John Batchelor pointed out in the wee hours, Kerry's Swiss-based filibuster is an act of self-immolation. It's so bad that the New York Times, in its news coverage, characterizes it today as "quixotic" and awkward. The Washington Post reports Republicans razzing Kerry for beginning the stunt from overseas. Contrast that honesty to the Boston Globe, which comes off as a little too home town for its senators by omitting an mention of Kerry launching this filibuster from Davos or the chilly reception on Capitol Hill.

The Times also reports, as did Batchelor, that Kerry returns to Washington today. Should be an entertaining Friday in the Capital City.

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Hamas needs Daddy Warbucks

By on 1.27.06 | 1:21AM

What will the Saudis do with Hamas?

Watching the telephone calls between Riyadh and Gaza City: will Abdullah make congratulatory call to Mahmoud al-Zahar, Hamas boss of Gaza and now of the West Bank? Will Bandar make the call for his dad the crown prince Sultan? Hamas needs the Saudis now, as it must make a payroll of 176,000 in the next week, and the Euros are check rubberizing while the Americans are suddenly not available.

Hamas victory is an earthquake. Hamas needs money. What about Cairo? Withdraw this foolish question

Tehran, with the deepest pockets, is much overcommitted at home.

The Saudis are the default Daddy Warbucks. What will the Saudis do?

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Kerry Incoming

By on 1.27.06 | 1:13AM

Trusted Senate source reports Francophiliac junior senator from Massachusetts enroute from Davos to Capitol to take the lead in a filibuster fight against Alito.

No ready explanation. Mysterious as French language. Democrats now moving into mystical phase of self-immolation.

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Ahmadinejad and big holes in the ground

By on 1.27.06 | 12:47AM

Best source continues to report that Ahmadinejad is still missing, or disappeared, as of this hour. He has not been seen now for ninety-six to one hundred twenty hours. Statement read in his name on TV -- denouncing the Brits for the Ahvaz explosions -- is the first time since his ascendance that he has not appeared in person to breathe fire.

Speculation about missing president is in two directions:

1. Ahmadinejad is out of sight as he participates as president in a war game exercise. This is consistent with intelligence reporting Iranians' moving around air defense hardware, digging holes and trenches, testing apparatus that would be needed during an air raid from the Great Satan or the Junior Satan, otherwise known as the US and Israel. No name provided for war exercise.

2. Ahmadinejad is out of sight as he confers over the next step in the confrontation with the IAEA. This is consistent with the Iranian approach, which is to maneuver, betray, stall, manipulate, delay.

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What a Day

By on 1.26.06 | 3:41PM

Lieberman sides with the leftist fringe of the Democratic Party, and Byrd rejects them. Amazing.

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AmSpec Gets RSS

By on 1.26.06 | 3:26PM

You may have noticed a small "XML" icon at the top of this blog page for the last week or so. Today, another one graces the top of the home page. These mean AmSpec is now streaming our pages to you in RSS.

What's RSS? It stands for "Really Simply Syndication" -- a web publishing format that allows readers to peruse many content sources at once. We don't provide you an RSS reader, but there are many free third-party readers. I recommend Google Reader. It's free, web-based, and easy to use.

AmSpec offers you two RSS feeds: AmSpecBlog and our daily article lineup. Just copy those html links into your RSS reader and you're off and running. For more, here's our mini-tutorial.

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Barghouti in exchange for Pollard

By on 1.26.06 | 2:35PM

The Hamas smash triumph in the PA parliamentary elections, unexplained and unexpected by all news sources with the small exception of my radio show and my best sources in Gaza and the West Bank, now makes possible (and much more likely) one of the great politically cynical deals of this early 21st century.

Acting PM Olmert now said to be leading the think tank of the otherwise unorganized Forward Party with the bold, fresh and over the top idea of maneuvering a release of Al Aqsa founder and Fatah superhero Marwan Barghouti, serving five life terms for murders, in exchange for the release of disgraced, bizarre, said to be Orthodox superhero and not so super espionage agent Jonathan Pollard, serving eternity in news media silence in North Carolina.

Makes no sense? How does this help Olmert? What does this mean for Team Bush? What peace process? Why Barghouti? What does Hamas have to do with the Free Pollard crowd? Isn't Barghouti a hothead? Isn't Pollard a hothead?

More soon.

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