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Watch for a Continuing Image Makeover

By on 10.20.06 | 9:38AM

A Washington Times article today explains how Rep. Nancy Pelosi is not a shoo-in to become Speaker should Democrats take over the House, despite a Republican campaign to scare voters into thinking it's inevitable with a Democrat victory. But in an apparent effort to fortify her leadership candidacy should that happen, her staff is playing up qualifications other than the fact that she's a San Francisco liberal:

Pelosi spokeswoman Jennifer Crider said,..."Republicans are without a single winning issue, so it's no wonder they are desperately trying to falsely smear a churchgoing grandmother who has made fiscal responsibility, bipartisanship and middle-class tax cuts a priority."

Yeah, and she parks in the handicap spots near the front door, sits in the same front pew every Sunday, and eats dinner at 4:30 every evening so she can get her senior citizen discount.

A Newsweek profile of Pelosi drifts into this territory also:

On the Ground in Athens, GA

By on 10.20.06 | 8:32AM

I got my start with TAS by writing about Georgia politics and then promptly wandered off into federal politics, culture, and religion. A local election marks my return.

If the race for state senate between Jane Kidd (D) and William Cowsert (R) is any indication, then the Democrats think this is their year and that they have simply got to convert. Kidd's seat is an attempted hold for Democrats, but it's more like a takeover if they hold because the GOP recently redrew the seat.

Literally every day, I receive a glossy full-size mail-out from Kidd's campaign. Some declare her virtues. Others proclaim Cowsert's shortcomings. At the price, she could have just sent me forty bucks or so and asked for my support.

On top of the mail, I have been the target of push-polling. I was asked to participate in a political survey and readily agreed, hoping I could improve poll results for the GOP team. After answering a couple of questions I realized this was no scientific poll and would not be published in the newspaper.

I was asked if it would affect my vote if I were told Republican Cowsert:

Re: Immigrant Army, Continued

By on 10.19.06 | 4:44PM

I think it's a terrific idea, by the way. We need a bigger military, and we need more immigrants. To do the former with a draft is out of the question, both politically and prudentially (conscripts are, almost by definition, inferior soldiers). And we can't get the latter without either lots of illegal immigration enabled by poor enforcement (the current "solution") or guest worker programs that are inferior to a more straightforward liberalization of immigration quotas in every way except in political salability -- and rewarding our fighting men and women generally has broad appeal.

She’s Baaaaaaack!

By on 10.19.06 | 3:27PM

Announcing a new film about voter disenfranchisement among blacks in 2000 and 2004, starring Cynthia McKinney!

Apparently this film won the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, proving conclusively that the folks at Sundance no longer have sound judgment, assuming, of course, that they ever had any to begin with.

Re: Grading the Governors

By on 10.19.06 | 1:54PM

Phil: Romney a C? I assume his presence in Massachusetts kept the rest of state government from earning an F.

In happier news, I see Kathleen Blanco received the lowest of the F's Cato handed out. But wouldn't it be fair to say Katrina might account for her lost homework?

Grading The Governors

By on 10.19.06 | 12:16PM

Cato has published its 2006 fiscal policy report card for governors. Missouri's Republican governor Matt Blunt was the only one to receive an A. Among the crop of potential 2008 presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, Bill Richardson and Tom Vilsack received Cs and Mike Huckabee was given an F.

Via Hit and Run.