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DOE Says Illinois School Must Allow Boy to Use Girls Locker Room

By on 11.3.15 | 1:56PM

I wouldn't normally write about things like this except that it literally happened up the street from me. And while I understand that transgenderism is a real thing, it seems like the Department of Education is really pushing the envelope with the latest decision regarding gender-based accommodation in schools.

In Palatine a suburb on the northwest side of Chicago, a male student transitioning to female was given a private dressing area to use after sporting events, as she served on a womens' sports team. According to the ACLU, which is handling the case, the arrangement isolated the student from her teammates and made the student uncomfortable, and now the Department of Education has agreed, threatning the school with revocation of its Title IX funding if the student is not allowed to use womens' facilities along side her teammates.

The U.S. Department of Education found a Chicago-area school district discriminated against a transgender student by failing to provide her full access to girls' locker rooms.

Call Jamie

By on 11.3.15 | 1:44PM

I don’t care if Quentin Tarantino apologizes for his ignorant remarks, calling police murderers as they try to deal with real murderers. He wouldn’t mean it if he did. He’s deluded enough to believe what he said.

Tarantino’s movies were a waste of time even before his latest outrage, and he’s a waste of space, as are so many of Hollywood’s enfants terrible. It’s hard to care about or be surprised by anything that comes out of his mouth. But I do feel strongly that if someone breaks into Tarantino’s Los Angeles home in the wee hours bent on murder and/or mayhem, that Quentin should NOT dial 9-1-1. He should instead call Jamie Foxx. They can “tell the truth” to each other while the bad guy has his way. No point in stirring up the murders at LAPD.

Obama Says GOP Candidates Couldn’t Handle CNBC Moderators; This From The Guy Who Needed Candy Crowley to Save His Presidency

By on 11.3.15 | 12:48PM

President Obama has weighed in on last week's CNBC GOP debate criticizing Republican candidates for being unable to handle the CNBC moderators:

Have you noticed that everyone of these candidates say, 'Obama's weak. Putin's kicking sand in his face. When I talk to Putin, he's going to straighten out. Then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of CNBC moderators at the debate. Let me tell you, if you can't handle those guys, then I don't think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you.

The fact the Chinese are building man made islands in disputed waters and Russian generals are walking into our embassies telling our diplomatic personnel to get our aircraft out of the sky tells me the Chinese and Russians aren't exactly worried about Obama.

‘Variety’ Film Critic Calls For “Diversity” in New Charlie Brown Film

By on 11.3.15 | 11:37AM

Leave it to the entertainment trade publication known as Variety to inject race into just about everything. While reviewing the new animated film The Peanuts Movie, film critic Peter Debruge said he wished the film would have more “diversity” and a “Non-White Love Interest” for the main character:

Like most classic jokes, “Peanuts” isn’t so much funny as mildly amusing, which is evidently one of the many aspects of Schulz’s legacy that his son Craig and grandson Bryan fought to protect as screenwriters and producers on the film (evidently trumping genuinely hilarious collaborator Paul Feig). But a little modernization wouldn’t have hurt, especially in the diversity department. While Franklin remains Charlie Brown’s only brown friend, a non-white love interest would have been as progressive as Schulz’s tomboyish depiction of Peppermint Patty was back in the day.

No Runs, No Hits, No Arrests

By on 11.3.15 | 11:12AM

The Midwest-nice burghers of Kansas City have been celebrating their team’s World Series victory since early Monday morning when a Wade Davis fastball nailed down the Royals’ first world championship since 1985. But while joy has been unconfined in KC, celebrations have been peaceful if noisy.

Things may return to what passes for normal after today’s downtown parade. Schools are closed for the occasion and 200K are expected to show up to honor this very talented, very young, and very entertaining team.

Celebrating to this point has including some fireworks, lots of driving around and whooping, as well as some dancing in the streets. Surely a fair amount of adult beverage has been consumed. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn of a hangover or two. See some Kansas City Star photos here of Royals boosters making a joyful noise.

Go Ahead, Have a Lasik!

By on 11.2.15 | 4:54PM

This morning, I saw a TV ad for Lasik eye surgery and that got me wondering, “What’s happened to the price of Lasik since I had my procedure 10 years ago?” We hear a lot about the rising cost of healthcare. (By the way, how is that Obamacare working out for you?) But, what about elective medical procedures – you know, the ones that patients pay for themselves? And so I called the ophthalmologist who performed my Lasik operation (with superb results, I might add) to find out the details. 

Back in 2005, he charged $3,500 for fixing nearsightedness and astigmatism in both eyes, or $4,264 in 2015 dollars. Today, he charges $3,000. That amounts to a real price reduction of 30 percent. In the meantime, average hourly earnings of production and nonsupervisory employees (a close approximation to the quintessential “blue collar worker”), rose from $15.91 in January 2005 to $20.80 in January 2015. So, an ordinary American needed to work for 220 hours to afford a Lasik surgery in 2005. S/he needs to work 144 hours to afford the same procedure today. That’s a 35 percent decrease in terms of work time.

Carly Fiorina Books The View After Hosts Criticize Her Looks

By on 11.2.15 | 4:22PM

Oh, Spectators, how I've missed you! But I'm back from Disney World and ready to inform you, once again. 

While I was gone, The View, apparently, tackled the important issues surrounding last week's Presidential debate, such as the face Carly Fiorina makes when she's getting serious about an issue. Now, I don't feel bad for not having seen the clip because I'm hardly the only person who doesn't watch The View on a regular basis (their audience is limited to people in dentists chairs who can't change the channel on the in-room television because they're dosed up on Novacaine, and homebound invalids without cable), but it seems the hosts, including the ever-intelligent Joy Behar, piled on Fiorina, calling her "demented"-looking and comparing her face to a "Halloween mask" as they cackled around their coffee table. 

Be Careful What You Ask For

By on 11.2.15 | 1:19PM

In stating his case with Mets manager Terry Collins to be allowed to go back to the mound in the 9th against the Kansas City Royals last night, pitcher Matt Harvey pleaded, “I want this game in the worst way.” That’s exactly what he and the Mets got.

Royals Win 1st World Series in 30 Years

By on 11.2.15 | 1:07AM

It took 12 innings, but the Kansas City Royals have done it. They have won their first World Series title since 1985 with a 7-2 victory over the New York Mets in Game 5.

The Mets had a 2-0 lead going into the ninth with Matt Harvey only giving up four hits. Mets manager Terry Collins and pitching coach Dan Warthen had told Harvey he was out, but he talked them into leaving him in the game. Harvey walked Lorenzo Cain and gave up a double to Eric Hosmer which scored Cain. It was then that Collins removed Harvey in favor of closer Jeurys Familia who had already blown two save opportunities in this World Series. It's not Familia pitched badly. He got Mike Moustakas to ground out to first, but that advanced Hosmer to third. With the infield brought in, Salvador Perez grounded out to David Wright who held Hosmer at third. But then Hosmer made a mad dash for home and reached safely when Mets first baseman Lucas Duda made an errant throw home. While Duda was not charged with an error, Familia was chraged with his third blown save and the game was tied just the same.