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Ben Carson Has Gone From Praying to Playing for Trump

By on 3.10.16 | 8:25PM

When Ben Carson withdrew from last week's GOP debate prior to formally suspending his campaign, I wrote, "Whatever Carson does from here on out he will do no harm."

It would seem that I must take back that statement as it appears that Dr. Carson will be endorsing Donald Trump tomorrow becoming the second ex-GOP presidential candidate to do so following Chris Christie. 

I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised given the hubaloo between Carson and Cruz during the Iowa Caucus when the Cruz campaigned prematurely suggested he was withdrawing from the race. 

The Thuggishness of The Trump Campaign UPDATE

By on 3.10.16 | 8:06PM

When you consider the months of boorish behavior from Donald Trump, can one really be surprised when that behavior rubs off on his staff?

How else does one explain Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski assaulting reporter Michelle Fields following his press conference on Tuesday night? The incident has been captured on audio.

How else does one explain the efforts of the Trump campaign to defame Fields' character and reputation rather than discipline Lewandowski?

If Trump can pull off stunts without consequence, his staff figures they can do the same.

Dislike the media to your heart's content. But there's just no excuse for what happened. Fields is not only with a media outlet sympathetic to Trump, she was hardly doing anything out of the ordinary. I fail to see how posing a question to Trump about affirmative action warrants being physically accosted never mind engaging in defamation.

A Critical Mass of Islam Hates Us

By on 3.10.16 | 3:51PM

Donald Trump has waded his way back to the question of Muslims by telling CNN's Anderson Cooper in an interview yesterday, "I think Islam hates us."

Trump elaborated, "But there is a tremendous hatred, and we have to be very vigilant, we have to be very careful, and we can’t allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the United States, and of people that are not Muslim."

There is no doubt that a critical mass of Muslims hate America and the West at large. If one reads Osama bin Laden's 1998 fatwa, he decrees it is the duty of every Muslim "to kill the Americans and their allies" be they military or civilian. Later that year, the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were attacked. Three years came the 9/11 attacks.

President Obama: “I Have Not Contributed to Dividing the Country.”

By on 3.10.16 | 3:30PM

Barack Obama may have spent most of his morning press conference holding babies and snuggling Canadian Prime Ministers (they're best friends! though they've only met once), but he took a moment to reassure those gathered in the Rose Garden that he is definitely not the reason that the country seems to be at war with itself.

He's uniter, not a divider, and it's simply not his fault that people resist their basic urge to like him, thus upending the natural order.

Loretta Lynch Won’t Rule Out Indicting You For Questioning Climate Change

By on 3.10.16 | 1:19PM

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was cagey yesterday when asked whether she'd be willing to file charges against Hillary Clinton if the FBI investigation into the former Secretary of State's bathroom email server, telling the Senate Judiciary Committee that she would consult with "officials" before she did anything rash, like cross Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 

On the subject of whether she'd considered indicting Climate Change heretics for their crimes against groupthink, she was less evasive

Saloon Series - Exploring the Whiskey World at WhiskyLIVE USA

By on 3.10.16 | 12:37PM

WhiskyLIVE USA, the fabulous salute to a marvelous drink, rolled into Washington, DC this past week. A month previous, WhiskyLIVE USA was in New York, and come June it will land in Louisville, Kentucky. The event was spawned by the U.K.’s Whisky magazine, which hosts WhiskyLIVE tastings around the world.

What is this booze bash? Well, it’s simple: you bought a ticket, and for three and half hours you got to amble about the cavernous Grand Hyatt with glass in hand soaking up the manifold marvels of our Whiskey World.

I Guess Those Iranian Missiles With The Inscription “Israel Must Be Wiped Out” Were Intended for a Domestic Political Audience

By on 3.10.16 | 11:15AM

Yesterday, Iran launched two ballistic missiles with a Hebrew inscription which read, "Israel must be wiped out."

I wonder if Josh Earnest will say that the language written on the missiles was "intended for a domestic political audience". You may recall that Earnest used this line of reasoning almost a year ago when the Ayatollah Khamenei proclaimed "Death to America" in a speech.

At the time, the Obama Administration was more upset with Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election victory than the Ayatollah's incitement.

A year later, not much has changed. Earlier this week, Earnest publicly chided Netanyahu for cancelling a meeting with President Obama.

Hillary Basically Said She’s Above The Law

By on 3.10.16 | 8:56AM

During last night's Democrat debate in Miami, Jorge Ramos asked Hillary Clinton if she would drop out of the race if she were indicted as a result of the federal investigation into her e-mails.

Hillary scoffed, “Oh, for goodness sake, that’s not going to happen. I’m not even answering that question.”

The fact remains, however, that Hillary Clinton is under criminal investigation by the FBI. Yet she spoke with the confidence of someone who was 100% certain of the outcome of the investigation. She spoke with the confidence of someone who believes she is above the written law and not subject to its penalties.

Elected officials including Presidents refrain from commenting on ongoing investigations so as not to prejudice their outcome. This cannot be said of President Obama who last October angered the FBI when he said her use of a homebrew server to conduct government business did not constitute a threat to national security. Hillary Clinton is above the law and President Obama is seeing to it.

In Praise of Jorge Ramos & Univision

By on 3.9.16 | 11:43PM

I know that Donald Trump supporters despise Jorge Ramos almost as much as Megyn Kelly. But they really shouldn't.

If Trump supporters had watched tonight's Democrat debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, they would have seen a Ramos that did not pull punches nor did the rest of the panel which consisted of Ramos' Univision colleague Maria Elena Salinas as well as Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post. 

While Bernie was challenged on his public support for both Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega, Hillary was challenged on both the e-mail scandal and Benghazi in a way she hasn't on any other network. In fact, the moment Ramos mentioned Benghazi the partisan crowd showered jeers upon him.

Yes, it's true that Univision cannot be described as sympathetic to either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, they do generally ask tough questions of everyone. Ramos did not spare President Obama during the 2012 campaign.

Hillary Claims Internet Video Was Partially Responsible for Benghazi Attack During Univision Debate

By on 3.9.16 | 11:23PM

As a rule, Hillary Clinton is generally absurd and tonight was no different during the Democrat debate which was broadcast on Univision (as well as CNN). 

At various points, Hillary claimed that Bernie Sanders supported The Minutemen and The Koch Brothers. Bernie is many things. A supporter of The Minutemen or The Koch Brothers are not among those things.

But Hillary sank to a new low when in response to a question from Jorge Ramos on Benghazi for which the audience booed him lustily. Ramos played a video of Patricia Smith (the mother of Navy SEAL Sean Smith who was killed in the attack) in which she said Hillary had told her an internet video was to blame for the attack when she had e-mailed to tell Chelsea it was a terrorist attack. Hillary claimed Smith was wrong and that information was changing on an hourly basis. Balderdash. From the time of the attack through the presidential election, the Obama Administration kept hammering that was an internet video.