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Missed It By THAT Much!

By on 6.13.06 | 11:22AM

I love to use an old Maxwell Smart expression (see headline). Anyway, I missed the Rove exoneration date by six days. See this from my column on May 17: Third, Karl Rove showed Monday in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute that he is both engaged and engaging. Here's predicting that within another two or three weeks he will be formally cleared (by prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald) in the Valerie Plame/leak case. Such a development will re-raise his political clout just when it is needed most....

Keith Olbermann and all the other lefties who for so long reported Rove's supposedly imminent indictment have so much egg on their faces right now that they could whip up an omelet that would span the globe.

Enemies List

By on 6.13.06 | 9:48AM

Now that Karl Rove has been cleared, let's consider who the winners and losers are:

Jason Leopold? Hopefully one of his "sources" close to the Joe Wilson investigation will let him in on the news. Loser.

David Schuster of MSNBC? The "reporter" regularly stated that Rove would be indicted. He cited sources close to the investigation and according to our sources, despite speaking with Rove representatives who were forthright with him, knowingly put forward to the public inaccurate information. Loser.

President Bush? Winner.

Republicans? Winners

But perhaps the biggest losers are those inside the White House who spent the last eight months working against Rove and his supporters, thinking they might emerge on top. They were wrong, and they should be made to pay.

So You Had a Bad Week …

By on 6.13.06 | 9:44AM

President Bush and Republicans have had just about the best week they could have hoped for. In fact, this may be the best week the President and Republicans have had in two years.

Iraq's most wanted terrorist? Dead.

Karl Rove? Cleared.

Brian Bilbray? Elected.

This is the kind of week where Republicans should take every advantage to do the small things that will ensure another good week. The media has to cover these stories, and that kind of momentum can make Democrats and their nutty left base absolutely, hair pullingly frustrated. And that's another reason we're having a good week.

Lonely Pachyderms

By on 6.13.06 | 8:27AM

At my voting place this morning, I was the second Republican voter. The poll workers inside celebrated, and even the unkempt Harris Miller kid outside made note of it. I asked if he would support Jim Webb when (if?) he wins. He said he would.

The second voter after the polls have been open for an hour? I thought McLean was more Republican than that. Then again, the Democratic ballot is where the action is, and my Tysons Corner end of McLean in the 8th Congressional District isn't quite the high life that the 10th CD is.

Really Fat Bird

By on 6.12.06 | 4:26PM

I first posted this as just a comment to the Prowler's note on Big Bird below, but I think it is worthy of its own post, so...: There's a telling stat in the Prowler's note. Back in 1995, the ENTIRE federal portion of the budget for public broadcasting was right at $100 million. Now they are talking of cutting $115 million, which is of course more than the whole budget was 11 years ago -- and I'll bet, although the Prowler doesn't say it, that even AFTER the $115 million cut, the remaining budget is still well over $100 million. Any info on that, Prowler? Anyway, the point is, such has been the spending orgy on Capitol Hill for the last 8 1/2 years that something the GOP once tried to eliminate now apparently will have MORE money left in its account even after cutting (if successful) a total that is GREATER than its whole account originally was. Even after taking inflation into account, this is an amazingly discouraging statistic.

Waiving the Flag for Judges

By on 6.12.06 | 3:31PM

Yes, that is supposed to be "waiving," not "waving."

Just a little earlier today, a coalition of conservative groups organized by Manny Miranda of the Third Branch Conference held an important press conference to announce an overwhelming agreeement that, if the choice is between passing an amendment banning flag burning, as the Senate is scheduled to consider this week, or spending the time necessary to confirm more judicial nominees, the groups strongly prefer the confirmation of judges. (In other words, they would waive the flag issue in favor of the judges.) Not that they don't approve of the flag amendment but, in the words of the American Conservative Union's David Keene, the flag issue is "more symbolic than substantive," whereas the confirmation battles are of highest substantive AND political importance. The flag issue, Keene said, Is "not very salient" right now.

Die Big Bird, Die

By on 6.12.06 | 2:56PM

House Republicans cut about $115 million from the budgets of PBS and NPR, and Rep. Ed Markey has pulled out the tired old lines that saved PBS from budget cuts a decade ago. This from the Boston Globe:

"Dick Cheney and the Republicans have decided to go hunting for `Big Bird' and `Clifford the Big Red Dog' once again," said Representative Edward J. Markey , a Malden Democrat who led the successful effort to reverse the cuts last year. "PBS is right at the top of their hit list -- always has been and always will be, until they can destroy it."

Never mind that both "Sesame Street" and shows like "Clifford" make a number of companies pant-loads of money, with never a dime being returned to the federal government. The programming simply isn't as good as what is being aired on 15 commercial children and educational channels that compete against PBS. And most kids aren't watching the mediocre drek that PBS puts on.