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Holder to Announce Resignation as AG

By on 9.25.14 | 11:24AM

From the Department of It's About Goddamn Time, Eric Holder is expected to announce his resignation as Attorney General later today.

It's hard to say what was more egregious? His conduct during Fast & Furious? Calling Americans "a nation of cowards" where it concerned race relations? His probe on FNC's James Rosen? Quashing the conviction of the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia? Challenging the Arizona immigration law in court despite having only "glanced" at it? His demagoguery on voter ID? Wanting to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in NYC? That any criticism of him and President Obama is racially motivated? Take your pick.

I know most conservatives aren't enamored of Lindsey Graham, but to truly get a measure of Holder's incompetence their exchange in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2009 is very much required viewing.

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Eric Holder to Resign

By on 9.25.14 | 10:53AM

Eric Holder will step down as Attorney General.

One wonders whether Barack Obama can find someone even worse.

No doubt he will propose someone with an intent on having him/her confirmed during the lame duck session of Congress in order to avoid facing the likely GOP majority in 2015.

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Dodgers Win Back to Back NL West Titles

By on 9.25.14 | 1:18AM

I just saw the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 9-1 to earn their second straight NL West title.

Clayton Kershaw threw eight innings, struck out 11 and didn't walk anybody en route to his major league leading 21st win of the season. He now has a miniscule ERA of 1.77. For good measure, Kershaw even tripled to tie the game in the fifth. Kershaw is a shoo-in to win his third NL Cy Young in four years and might become the first NL pitcher to win the MVP since Bob Gibson did it in 1968. That's some pretty darn good company. 

The Dodgers scored four runs in the sixth on a solo HR by Yasiel Puig, a two-run double by Carl Crawford and a single by Juan Uribe. The ex-Giant would single in two more runs in the eighth. Catcher A.J. Ellis joined the party by driving in a run on a fielder's choice. Puig drove in another run with a bases loaded walk. 

The Giants tried to rally in the seventh, but Puig threw out Gregor Blanco as he tried to run from first to third. 

The bearded ex-Giant Brian Wilson recorded the final three outs to cap off the night. 

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Hollande & Cameron Legitimize Iran

By on 9.25.14 | 12:01AM

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has had a very good week at the UN General Assembly in New York.

Yesterday, Rouhani had an audience with French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday and on Wednesday he met with British Prime Minister David Cameron who characterized their meeting as "historic."

Apparently, Hollande and Cameron are impressed by Rouhani's rhetoric. But how is Iran any different today than it was when Ahmadinejad was President. Honestly, it doesn't matter who Iran's President is because be it Rouhani, Ahmadinejad or anyone else they serve at the pleasure of the Mullahs. 

It's only a matter of time before Rouhani meets with President Obama. With this in mind, I believe there will be a nuclear agreement between the Obama Administration and Iran within the next 12 months. 


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French Tourist Beheaded by ISIS Affiliate in Algeria

By on 9.24.14 | 3:29PM

Herve Gourdel is now the fourth Westerner to be beheaded in recent weeks.

Unlike American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and British aid worker David Haines who were beheaded by an ISIS member with a British accent and has been dubbed Jihad John, Gourdel was kidnapped on Sunday while hiking in the mountains of northern Algeria by Jund al-Khilafah, an Algerian affiliate of ISIS. France has participated in airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq. Gourdel was mountaineering guide from Nice, France.

What worries me is that the more this happens, the more people will be desensitized to it. To paraphrase Joe Stalin, one beheading is a tragedy, a hundred is a statistic.

That is, unless, ISIS and their affiliates start beheading people on the streets of America.

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Granola Hell Raisers

By on 9.24.14 | 2:49PM

The Lexus lefties of the Sierra Club made it clear in their Tuesday “Insider” newsletter, for those paying attention, that this upscale Earth-worship cult is not just a bunch of sweet people concerned with clean air and water.

Sierra declared the People’s Climate March last Sunday — in which more than 400,000 people with time on their hands created a huge carbon and garbage footprint in Manhattan (New York, not Kansas) in the name of getting America to reduce its carbon footprint — a great success. The Sierra newsletter described the motley of demonstrators in this way: “Everyday citizens” who “joined with religious, tribal, labor, youth, and civil rights activists.” In other words, absent the “everyday citizens,” the usual leftist, anti-capitalist, anti-American hell-raisers.

My guess is “everyday citizens” were a mere garnish on the large pack of Friends of Saul (Alinsky that is). Time to call Sierra, along with the rest of Big Environment, what it is, just another left-wing lobbying cohort, not unlike “[left] religious, tribal, youth, laor, and civil rights activists.”

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Is The “Dark-Money” Apocalypse Upon Us?

By on 9.24.14 | 2:28PM

There has been plenty of hang wringing on the Left lately about so-called "dark money," cash spent on political campaigns by undisclosed donors. Andy Kroll over at Mother Jones posted a piece a few days ago which breathlesly warns of "5 Signs the Dark-Money Apocalypse Is Upon Us." Most of the fuss centers around cash spent via 501(c)(4) and (c)(6) organizations. Donors to such outfits are not subject to the same disclosure laws as those who pony up directly to campaigns or to political action committees. To be sure, opinions vary as to whether obscure political giving should be considered kosher. But would you be shocked if I told you that the Left has taken to using "dark money" as a term of art to discourage donations to conservative charities?

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Eight Really Annoying Things from Obama’s UN Speech

By on 9.24.14 | 1:13PM

This morning I read President Obama's speech to the UN General Assembly and would like to take this time to draw attention to eight things in it that I found really annoying.

I'm sure that many of you upon reading the preceding sentence will ask, "Only eight?" Well, I do believe in mercy. Not to Obama, but to my readers. But I digress.

1. Russia & Ukraine

President Obama did provide a nice summary of all the things Russia has done to Ukraine in recent months: annexation of Crimea, arming violent separatists, shooting down a civilian airliner and eventually moving troops into Ukraine.

So how does Obama intend to respond in kind? He proclaims, "We will impose a cost on Russia for aggression, and counter falsehoods with truth."

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Lois Lerner: Better than Jeffrey Dahmer

By on 9.24.14 | 11:32AM

Lois Lerner has finally broken the silence since pleading the Fifth before the House Oversight Committee. She granted an interview to Politico magazine, in which she did more whining than sharing any useful information.

What caught the most attention was that she said people shouldn’t be so angry with her, and compared herself to Jeffrey Dahmer:

BQ Among the hate mail, Lerner’s “favorite” is one that says she’ll “go down in history as the worst person ever in the United States.”

“I just thought, ‘Boy, worse than Jeffrey Dahmer?’” she asks, her face crinkling up, eyebrows pinching together in disbelief.

This statement, see, came in the middle of complaining about the “harassment” she’s received since leaving the IRS. It seems conservatives are trying to ruin her life.

Lerner doesn’t think she’s that bad…she just used the powers of her public office to punish her political enemies and grant favors to causes she liked. It’s not like she ruined anyone’s life.

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Dinesh D’Souza Avoids Time In The Slammer

By on 9.23.14 | 3:08PM

Congratulations are in order for controversial conservative journalist Dinesh D'Souza who received sentencing today after being found guily a few months back of campaign finance violations. He will spend 8 months in something called a "community confinement center," the New York Times reports, and will pay a $30,000 fine, but will avoid prison time.

D'Souza is perhaps best known of late for his work as a filmmaker. His "2016: Obama's America," released before the last election raised eyebrows with the suggestion that the president is carrying out an anti-colonialist agenda passed on to him by his deadbeat dad. More recently, he released "America: Imagine a World Without Her," which pulled in over $14 million at the box office, and published a companion book which hit the number one spot on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list. I bet the folks at the Gray Lady just loved that.

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