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Katrina Czar Is Full of, uh, Baloney

By on 2.2.06 | 2:40PM

Donald Powell, the Gulf Coast recovery coordinator for the White House, had an op-ed in the Wash Post this morning on the "Baker bill" that would set up a revolving loan fund called the Louisiana Recovery Corporation to help New Orleans and surrounding parishes get back on their feet. There is no nicer way to say it than to say that Mr. Powell is either extremely dim-witted or else duplicitous. Volumes could be written refuting the nonsense in his column, but the upshot of it is this:

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Blunt Talk

By on 2.2.06 | 2:17PM

Rep. Roy Blunt's staff may be saying he is staying on as House Republican Whip, but don't place a lot of money on that bet just yet. We're hearing that while Blunt wants to keep his leadership post, and many caucus members are saying the right things just an hour after defeat. But it is far from certain that Blunt is the long-term or even mid-term answer to the Whip post.

One of the reasons Blunt failed to gain traction -- and a point we humbly point out we've been making here for some time -- is that the Whip operation has declined badly over the past 18 months. Just how badly was evident yesterday in the deficit-cutting legislative vote.

We should be clear, we've received no indication from our Boehner sources that there is a move afoot to push Blunt out of his post, nor does Boehner as Majority Leader have the stated ability to push Blunt out. But generally what a Majority Leader wants, a Majority Leader gets.

And what a third party who ensured the election of that Majority Leader wants, that third party usually gets. As Drudge says ... Developing ....

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Re: Cartoon Kerfuffle Continues

By on 2.2.06 | 1:52PM

Have to disagree with you, SallyVee. This is not "taqiya", which is "precautionary dissimulation." There's no dissimulation here, just a blunt-force attempt to impose Islamist censorship on the media. And I do agree that it's no longer just a "kerfuffle." There are Palestinian terror groups, such as Al-Aqsa "martyrs" brigade, threatening to kill Danes and others if there's no apology by the Danish government.

If this continues, it could build into a watershed for Europe and for us. Just how much censorship of the news, op-eds and editorial cartoons will we stand for? This is an outrage against freedom, and it shouldn't be tolerated in any degree or form.

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Subverting Dems now

By on 2.2.06 | 1:49PM

What happens when there is a revolution in your neighborhod? The mob gets itchy.

Pelosi will need a food taster. Same for Hoyer. And Reid is wise to start shredding his family-documented cooperation with casinos, Indian and non-Indian.

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Re: No Snafu

By on 2.2.06 | 1:48PM

Dave, James: Shadegg's dropping out for second round wasn't unexpected. See the Washington Prowler's account that ran on Monday morning on our main page. It would appear that Boehner and Shadegg had some arrangement... Of course, it's also possible that Shadegg dropped out because he just didn't have the numbers.

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No Snafu

By on 2.2.06 | 1:29PM

The Hill corrects its earlier report: apparently, GOP leaders figured out their clerical error on the first ballot, so didn't have to recast. Blunt only garnered 110 on the first go-'round, Boehner took 79, Shadegg 40 and Jim Ryun 2. Shadegg dropped out before the second ballot.

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Boehner Win

By on 2.2.06 | 1:21PM

It's great news. By which I mean it's great news Blunt lost. His overly confident approach was disgusting -- the guy wouldn't answer the Republican Study Committee's questionnaire, wouldn't debate the other guys. He was bereft of ideas, and thought projecting a front-runner status would substitute.

It's a good day for the House.

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Boehner’s Da Man

By on 2.2.06 | 1:15PM

Boehner's it, but it's Blunt everyone will still be looking at. No word yet on whether Blunt intends to continue as Whip, though the assumption is that he's as good as his word on his staying around.

Boehner's election is good news for the caucus, particularly in an election year. He carries none of Blunt's baggage, and still gives the GOP a solid fundraiser to help the party.

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